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Escort Jobs in Nottingham - Midlands Maidens Job Applications

Last Updated on Sunday, November 21, 2021 by Midlands Maidens

More videos and tutorials can be found below the application form.

Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts are now accepting applications from WhatsApp.

Either click on the big green Whatsapp logo at the bottom of your screen, or read the ‘YOUR APPLICATIONS‘ post (opens in a new window) to see how to do this.

What Happens After I Apply for an Escort Jobs in Nottingham Position?

Before anything else, please read THIS POST to familiarise yourself with how Midlands Maidens handles their job applications (item opens in a new tab)

  • First off, we need to check the authenticity of your photos by running them through Google Image Search, as you’d be surprised at how many lingerie models and porn stars apply for escort jobs in Nottingham at Midlands Maidens!
  • Next, we’ll give you a call to ascertain whether you’re a brand newbie to this industry or an already seasoned performer.

(This is purely for our own benefit so that we know how much guidance you’ll need, but this will not affect your escort jobs application in the slightest).

Quick tip here – please make sure that there are no screaming kids smashing your house up, as this does NOT go down well with clients!

  • If you’re successful in both of the above exercises, we’ll invite you down for a face-to-face meet up, in a public place over a coffee or a beer, or for a video interview over ‘WhatsApp’, in relevance to your escorts wanted in Nottingham application.
  • This lets us know how reliable and punctual you are, how you hold yourself in a conversation, and to answer any questions you might have.
  • There will be four questions concerning our GLOSSARY ITEMS that we will need to know about – please be honest when answering these.
  • There is a high possibility that we won’t tell you the outcome of your application until later, but everyone DOES get a return phone call.

Here’s to your success, and we’ll look forward to inviting you onboard very soon!


Having problems using your mobile phone to upload your photos?


And watch the videos below for a few tips:

Video Tutorials

Boudoir Portraits

How to Take Your Own Photos in Video Mode

This next video needs ‘Closed Captions’ activated to watch it properly.

To activate ‘Captions’ on a PC/Laptop:

Hover over the playing video and enable them by clicking the ‘captions’ icon at the bottom.

To activate ‘Captions’ on a mobile device:

Get the video playing, then click on the three white dots at the bottom right, and click onto ‘enable captions’.

Its a pity, but there really are agencies like this out there and with the nature of this industry, the majority of the receptionists and owners are women!

All videos here with the exception of the recruitment and receptionist videos can be found on their respective YouTube channels.

Please note that none of the performers has any association with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts.

Escorts Wanted in Nottingham at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts is the official recruitment page at Midlands Maidens, and is the best way to apply for a position on our staff-list.

Experience within the sex-work industry is NOT required, but the desire to meet our client-base and make lots of friends, most definitely IS required.

Your position within Midlands Maidens will be as a self-employed career girl, who would want to be available for appointments whenever a client calls us, whether that be 11am on a Tuesday morning, or stupid o’clock on a Saturday night.

Clients can appear at ANY time of the day or night!

Midlands Maidens do not accept appointments from new clients that are raging junkies or alcoholics, and we expect our staff-list to show the same morals and high standards.

Fill in the form, or phone us, and we’ll look forward to meeting you soon!

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