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Escorting Changes Through 15 Years

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Last Updated on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Escorting Changes Through 15 Years

We thought it would be a nice idea to post how escorting changes, both good and bad, have affected the industry over the last 15 years.

Why 15 years?

Well that amounts approximately to the time-span that Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts have been trading for, and so it can be seen as an insightful view as well as a report, and we can chime in with a few of our own experiences.

Join us as we travel back in time to 2004 and come right back up to the present day!

The Early Days

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Back in 2004, there were just a couple of local agencies running – ABC who had a fine selection of girls plus a few ‘hangers-on’, and FELINE, who had a lesser selection of girls but fair nonetheless. Both of these agencies had websites, which added to their desirability.

There were also a minimal amount of independents plying their trade, but the majority of girls plumped for the two agencies, as back then in the pre-internet days, this seemed the ideal way to get started as an escort.

The independent girls then found a new way to advertise by using the NORTHERN ANGELS website, which insisted on a girl going over to Manchester to have their photos done and the girls’ phones being re-routed through their own phone system.

They could then charge ‘finders fees’, which amounted to the same thing that the agencies were charging as ‘agency fees’.

For those girls without an agency or Northern Angels, a trip to the local newspaper was in order to advertise their services, which in fact was an excellent albeit rather an expensive way to advertise.

The escorting changes were finally given a jolt, however, when MIDLANDS MAIDENS started trading back in 2006, and many of the girls that had left ABC to join Northern Angels came to join us, and the recruitment from ABC, Feline, and unattached girls started in earnest.

A couple of other agencies, notably ESCORTS NOTTINGHAM and HARVEYS had also sprung up, but their girls too were excellent examples of escorts.

By the New Year of 2007, Midlands Maidens had become the most affluent agency in Nottingham!

Escorting Changes in Advertising

Believe it or not, back in the early days there was plenty of disposable cash about.

Clients would think nothing of inviting a girl over, then more in quick succession, as the majority of girls working for these three agencies were indeed ‘worth a punt’.

Around 2010 however, this all changed, and with the introduction of the piss poor agency VALENTINES and their many pseudonyms before settling on VIP CALL-GIRLS, BOHEMIA, CALL-GIRLS CONFIDENTIAL, and ELITE DIAMONDS, and anything else you could imagine to avoid poor client feedback.

Note that this ‘agency’ has had more aliases and name changes than all the other providers put together due to clients refusing to be scammed!

There was now less cash around, and it made the punters quite understandably a little more cynical about where to spend their cash.

Newspaper advertising had all but dwindled to nothing as new laws were introduced to prevent advertisements from sex workers.

AdultWork had come into force, and though the girls on there were undoubtedly dubious, it made for a punters’ ‘quick fix’ for independent escorts that could be bartered with.

It was now down to relying on passing trade and regular clients, which as you can imagine did not really affect us with our reputation, but it got to the stage where the ABC agency and Escorts Nottingham, followed a couple of years later by Harveys, had to cease trading.

Even the Northern Angels website was struggling, as the girls on there had dwindled down from a fully operational website directory of around 30 or so areas, down to 2 areas – Manchester and London – making the exodus from this once-proud website complete.

This left Midlands Maidens and Feline being the only recognised agencies in Nottingham together with the poor relations at VIP who were now needing to scam clients via their incalls and turning up fees.

Even this has petered out now, as most of the clients we meet say that they only used VIP/CGC/ED if they couldn’t get through to us, or Feline, or needed a drug-fuelled incall hangout after kicking-out time.

Escorting Changes via Viva Street

To many sex workers, Viva Street seemed the best thing to happen for years, and initially, we would have to agree with them.

Their listings were categorised really well and if you wanted to find a local agency or a local independent escort, it was as simple as searching for them.

As with all good things though, greed takes over.

escorting changes post 3The categories just disappeared overnight, meaning that anyone could advertise in any section.

This meant that if you wanted to appear anywhere near the top for your listing, you’d be needing to use carousels, ‘NEW’ markers, ‘HIGHLIGHT’ markers and ‘FEATURED’ markers, which would now come up at around £300-£400 pounds per month.

It is for this reason that we clicked our heels and said goodbye to Vivastreet, and looking on their website now under ‘Nottingham Escorts’, it just looks like a substandard version of AdultWork, filled with streetwalkers who will never answer their phones and all live around the Forest Road area.

So What for the Future?

Well as far as we can see, the clients are coming back albeit with a few emptied wallets from bad experiences and doing their proper research into which agencies are worth using.

The only way to stamp out poor providers is to not use them, but if a client needs a quick fix after he’s been out and the only thing open to him is a poor provider, then that’s where he’ll have to go.

It would have been far better we would have thought to take a trip up to the red light area at Forest Road if you were REALLY looking for a poor provider, and at least getting a minimal amount of value for money.

As for the future though, we can see Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts coming through this wave of intolerance by disgruntled punters who have been scammed elsewhere, and inviting them back for the greatest Maidens Experience that they have ever had!

A Pervy Gallery and avoiding Hustles

After reading through our thoughts and opinions on the escorting changes through the years, it’s time for a nice little pervy gallery for you to get sticky fingers to.

Enjoy the gallery and we’ll see you next time in the blog sections!

Proudly posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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