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Evergreen Project

Evergreen Project

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Evergreen Project

We decided this week that a few of our old blog posts were starting to look a little shabby, which is why we decided to open the Evergreen Project.

Ok, so what exactly is an Evergreen Project?

Well even though a few posts were looking shabby in comparison to our new posts style, they were still extremely pertinent, so making them Evergreen keeps them up-to-date together with all the bells and whistles that our newer posts have.

There have been many visits to the website from our various social networks to see the new posts format, and the general opinion so far is that they look really good!

What We Are Doing:

First off, we are re-writing some of the old post content, to make it all up to date.

Evergreen Writer
writing new post content

Then we are adding new lead images, ones which are much bigger than in the old posts, as a little bit of ‘eye-candy’ to entice viewers to read it.

We wouldn’t be offended if all you wanted to do was have a wank over the new images though :)

Finally, we are removing the old ‘Zemanta‘ links at the bottom of applicable posts, and replacing them with Visual Link Previews, which again is all rather ‘eye-candy’ and designed to make you want to see more.

I liked the old images, where can I find them?

In virtually ALL cases, we are adding the old images into the posts itself, so anyone that wanted to save these for future use is quite welcome to do so.

Occasionally we’ll find that there is nothing wrong, or it is impossible to find new images for a particular post.

In those cases, we will just crack on with the re-writing and leave the original image in place.

How long will this take?

Well, the clue is in the post title – an ‘Evergreen’ post is one that is always up to date and so theoretically, it will NEVER be finished!

Making the posts evergreen though is slightly different.

We are updating around 3-4 posts per day so that we don’t swamp our social networks with them and keep everyone happy that new content is being produced.

You mentioned earlier about wanking – can we have a gallery to help out?

Sure, and in keeping with our ‘evergreen’ theme, here is a gallery featuring a few girls in the woods, courtesy of our good friends at

We hope that you enjoyed today’s exploits at Midlands Maidens, and keep a watch on those blog posts as they get updated!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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