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Ex-Maidens, Another Short-Lived One

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Last Updated on Saturday, March 11, 2023

Ex-Maidens, Another Short-Lived One

It looks like we’re having to say goodbye to our latest Maiden Annabelle, turning her into one of our ex-Maidens who reigned for just 14 days.

So what exactly was wrong with Annabelle?

Read on…

It is our policy to send new girls in this industry out to regular clients in the first instance, so that we know that they will be safe, and so that it gives them an easy transition into this industry.

At her interview, Annabelle mentioned that she would not be available until after the weekend as she had a ‘family do’ to attend, and so she sent her gallery photos over by the tenth (last week).

Whilst doing this, she also mentioned that she was transport-less, as she had had to leave her car as it was ‘snow-bound’, but she would be available as soon as the snow had melted.

A regular client at last came in for Annabelle, so we tried calling her but she had buggered off to Birmingham, and wouldn’t be back until after the weekend – all this without informing us.

Finally this morning, another client phoned up with a direct request for Annabelle to sort out his ‘morning glory’.

For some reason, our phone-line to Annabelle had been blocked, and so we sent her a message (which was read) via her beloved WhatsApp, wondering if she wanted any work taking?

Still no reply even now, and so we presume that Annabelle has no problem with becoming one of our ex-Maidens, and will be removed from the website by the time you read this.

Could you become a Regular Maiden?

We’re still looking for girls that genuinely WANT to work in this industry, and not mess us around like the above example.

Check out our latest video on the 2020 Recruitment Drive, and if you could fit the bill, we’d love to hear from you!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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