Exhibitionist Sex

Exhibitionist Sex

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Exhibitionist Sex

We’ve got another mega-run of six videos this time, and they’re all depicting the joys of exhibitionist sex, both staged and unstaged.

Which is which?

Well we’ll leave you to decide on that one, instead preferring to leave our personal indications.

The first couple of videos come from Lucy Cat, a German exhibitionist who loves nothing more than going shopping and a trip to the park afterwards.

This first video shows her out shopping and placing an extra item back on the shelves:

We noted that the shop Lucy visited was empty, indicating that this video was a ‘staged’ one, but this next video is certainly un-staged as we catch her in the local park, offering her partner some risky anal sex followed by a blow-job:

From Lucy Cat then, we go over now to two unknown performers, who also decide to risk exhibitionist sex in the park.

The girl in a red dress with no panties (nice combination) 🙂 starts riding her partner, all the while looking around to make sure that no-one catches them.

They eventually decide to re-locate to a nearby park bench where he decides that it’s better to finish her off:

From the local park, we now go over to Schnuggie91 who is a porn-star with channels on most of the mainstream porn websites.

In this next video, we see Schnuggie performing some extremely risky exhibitionist sex on a public park walkway, where there are cyclists and pedestrians never too far away.

Though the partner is always panning the camera to see who might be watching, this doesn’t stop Schnuggie from riding a huge creampie out of him:

From the last few un-staged videos, we now come to a couple of ‘staged’ ones, but even so they still come with an element of risk to the ‘performers’.

*EDIT* Following the recent purge of porn websites, we’ve had to replace a couple of the videos in Room 101.

Wherever possible, we’ve replaced the old versions with videos that are exactly the same in content, but the odd one or two have had to be completely replaced.

So we now come to the replacements together with a bonus video!

In the park again, a rather over-dressed lady decides to give her partner a treat by letting him screw her and then making him cum in her panties:

Our BONUS video is a long compilation of exhibitionist sex in all flavours, maybe giving you a few ideas to try out?

For our final video this time, we go over to a girl named ‘Creampie Ronja’ who is always up for a creampie gangbang.

We’re not adding a link to Ronja’s website though, as our trusty Malwarebytes indicated that it had a ‘PUP’ on it.

Obviously staged, even down to the people in the park who are just seemingly watching, then joining in, it’s nevertheless a fine showing of exhibitionist sex with a little watersports thrown in at the end for good measure.

Enjoy this final video from Ronja:

We hope that you enjoyed our latest post from Room 101, and remember to ‘comment’ if there was anything else that you wanted to see.

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