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Face Painting

Face Painting

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Face Painting

This time in Room 101, we’ve decided to calm it down a little and concentrate on face painting (for big boys and girls).

We’ve all seen the face painters out in force at fairgrounds, carnivals and events, whereby you take your child along and he/she gets their faces covered in gunk so that they can become a lion for the day (until the gunk wears off).

The face painting in Room 101 though as you can imagine, is rather different.

So you now have a choice:

You can either read about the health benefits of face-creaming your fizzog with sperm from the link below:

or you can choose to have a wank over the young teens in the video below, who are all getting complimentary health benefit facials, courtesy of a few men’s hard cocks:

We’re looking at adding a few more videos like the one above to Room 101 in the future, and indeed some of the more extreme types of face painting, more commonly known as Bukakke.

For those of you not knowing what the latter term is, we don’t want to throw any spoilers in here for you – just keep watching the Room 101 posts!

Just a short post this time, as we believe that the video and the curated post says more than we ever could.

Face Painting was originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.


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