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Fantasy Girl Part Two

Becoming a Fantasy Girl Nottingham Escort (Pt2)

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1. Your First Step to Becoming a Nottingham Escorts Fantasy Girl
2. Becoming a Fantasy Girl Nottingham Escort (Pt2)
3. Relationships and the Nottingham Escort Industry (3 of 4)
4. Your Mother Should Know (Nottingham Escorts 4 of 4)
5. How Can I Succeed?
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Last Updated on Sunday, August 20, 2023

Becoming a Fantasy Girl Nottingham Escort (Pt2)

Part two of our indication of what you can expect when applying to become a Nottingham Escort. Part two: Fantasy Girl.

If and when you decide to become a fantasy girl escort, your prime concern should be for your safety, and that is why working at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, or indeed any other reputable agency should be your first port of call.

It’s not all about the money – it’s about being able to curl up safely in your PJs and enjoy that caviar flavoured Pot Noodle in peace.

Fantasy Girl 2

An agency will vet your booking requests, and make sure that you’re not sent out on appointments that are wholly unsuitable, for eg – if there are certain services that you don’t supply, or if the client sounds a bit dodgy.

Having been in this service for over ten years now, and without even one bad review, we think that we’ve hit the right spot with all concerned!

The second part of our video shows two sides to the escorting story.

This is what we were discussing above, whereby the girl works for an agency – and one less fortunate girl that was working as an independent escort.

We’re not going to say that ALL girls will get £350 per hour, but watch and ponder:

Some nice food for thought there for anyone wanting to be a fantasy girl?

Keep tuned in and we’ll see you for part three.

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