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February Schedule

February Schedule

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Onto the next of our monthly updates, and this time it’s the February schedule that we’ll be concentrating on.

February of course brings us Valentines Day (on the 14th), which for once will not be commercialised by announcing it as ‘Valentines Weekend’, as due to the UK restrictions, no-one should be going anywhere.

Unless you’re a copper that is…

…who are all rather expert at flaunting the Covid rules and regs, unless they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar –

…and this one from Sky News:

In the first video, the coppers compose themselves to try out their usual ‘bully-boy’ tactics on an innocent bystander, who had just happened to capture their antics on video.

In the second video, the coppers were apparently having a group haircut session from some poor barber who had been forced to close his business due to the lockdown regulations.

Deplorable actions from the police, and these are just the notifications that we are aware of, and probably only form the tip of the iceberg!

Anyway, onto the February Schedule:

The lockdown shows no signs of ending, as this ‘magic vacs’ seems to have been swept under the carpet now with lots of vaccinated over-80s starting to have health problems – and that’s without the second vaccination having been dished out yet.

We’re still running our ‘sex bubbles‘ though, so any regular client wanting a Valentines Day fix will be catered for.

We’ll be publishing the second of our ‘Niche Monthly‘ magazines together with more ‘jailbait’ ‘humiliation’ and ‘femdom’ galleries and videos, so make sure that you’ve SUBSCRIBED TO OUR NOTIFICATIONS so that you don’t miss anything.

With that we’ll say goodbye from our February Schedule, and await for the March one, which marks a year of lockdown restrictions in one shape or another.

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