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Girl with the Far Away Eyes

Girl With the Far Away Eyes

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Girl With the Far Away Eyes

Our latest post in the Secret Diary concerns the ‘girl with the far away eyes’, who on paper looked immaculate but in reality threw it all away within one minute.

It was also an opportunity for Leela to join us at an interview, who has been commissioned to ask questions for an upcoming future post – an interview with the vampire – which all sounds rather cool, yes? –  and will feature yours truly answering questions about the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts agency from the perspective of a girl that has just joined us.

Anyway, onto the latest Secret Diary application where we meet up with the girl with the far away eyes:

Applicant – Channy

Interview partner – Leela

Location – The Pit and Pendulum

Time – 1pm

The interview was originally set up to be at the Southbank Bar, but then following lots of missed calls from us to Channy, we got a text message saying that she would be a little late – this new time being 1.30 pm.

1.30 came and went, and we decided that seeing as Channy was still not answering her phone, it seemed an ideal opportunity for us to visit the Pit and Pendulum and discuss OUR interview.

Settling down with a jug of wrath (our favourite P&P drink), at 1.50 pm in came the text messages from Channy again, asking where we were.

In my mind personally, she had already failed the interview due to a lack of punctuality, but for Leela’s sake, we decided to invite her over to the P&P.

At 2 pm (an hour late) she strolled in and found us, and indeed we were prepared to forgive the lack of punctuality due to her stunning looks!

Channy was a 21yr old brunette with a charming sense of naivety that clients would have adored.

That’s where it ended though – she ‘volunteered’ to share our jug of wrath and had drunk her serving before everyone else had gotten served.

Leela went up to get a second jug, and that went the same way.

Eye contact was poor at best, and her naivety extended to her services, where she hadn’t got a clue about what they were.

Finally, we asked her to stand up and ‘give us a twirl’ so that we could see any assets she might have, which exposed her stomach as swelling up over her leggings (yes, leggings) bottoms.

We made our excuses to leave, but Channy wasn’t going to leave until all the wrath had gone, so we finished it off and said goodbye.

Such a pity that the girl with the far away eyes didn’t make the cut, but despite her pretty face – the lack of eye-contact, the GENUINE naivety, the punctuality and the stomach over the leggings made her successful application an impossibility.

As an afterthought, we again tried to contact her regarding the application result.

Guess what?

Her phone perpetually went to voice-mail for around two hours.

Channy then sent a text to say that we could call her now, and guess what?

The phone was still on voice-mail.

We finally DID get through to her and told her that she’d not been successful this time – a very pretty girl but with nothing else going for her at the moment that we considered our clients would find to be a waste of money.

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.

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