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The Midlands Maidens Glossary Page

In ALL of the following services and ‘likes’, any service requiring a penetrative sex element will require you to wear a condom.

The girls have been informed that any client saying that they are clean, they have no STD’s, or have been informed by the management that it will be OK to have uncovered penetrative sex, is an outright fucking liar, and the girl may leave straight away with no refunds given.


A-Levels are the service of anal sex, which is ‘liked’ by some of the girls, but by no means all of them.

A-Levels comes under the category of ‘penetrative sex’ and therefore a condom will be required.

As A-Levels falls within the scope of our girls’ ‘likes’ in this glossary, any girl offering this service will do it with no extra charge.

Covered Oral:

The clue here is in the title.

Covered Oral will be performed by ALL the girls (oral sex WITH a condom), but oral sex without a condom will be performed by most of them.

If either covered oral or oral without (OWO) comes under a girl’s ‘likes’ in this glossary, this will be given free of charge.

OWO (Oral Without a Condom):

OWO or Oral WithOut a condom is the service whereby the girl will give you UNprotected oral sex and is the ONLY service where unprotected contact is allowed.

This service ALWAYS comes at the girl’s own discretion and depends heavily on your own personal hygiene.

If OWO comes under a girl’s personal ‘likes’ in this glossary, this service will be provided free of charge.

Cum in Mouth, Spitting or Swallowing, Cum on Body:

We’ve grouped these closely matched services together, as these can be discussed between you and the girl on your free phone call from her.

Cum in mouth is obviously related to OWO (see above) and whether the girl spits, swallows, or wants you to cum on her tits or body, is a private preference arranged between the girl and yourself.

BE AWARE that any penetrative sex prior to the oral exercises will require a condom to be used.

All of these services carry no extra charge from a girl working at Midlands Maidens.

Glossary – GFE and DFK:

Another two closely related items are GirlFriend Experience and Deep French Kissing.

The girlfriend experience element involves all those sweet things you enjoy doing with your girlfriend, who reciprocates by letting you go down on her with fingers and tongues and maybe even giving her a full-blown female orgasm.

Deep French kissing is a service whereby you kiss each other passionately and usually results naturally, following a successful GFE experience.

All girls working at Midlands Maidens will provide GFE and DFK services free of charge if it’s listed within their ‘likes’ in the glossary.

Glossary – Bisexual Girls:

Believe it or not, not all girls are bisexual, but if they are, we add this as a service in their ‘likes’.

We would expect a girl who states that they are genuinely bisexual, to be the perfect company for a couple, or another bisexual girl who requests our services, with no qualms about performing the above GFE with another girl instead of, or in addition to, another guy.

All bisexual services are the same as heterosexual services, and with Midlands Maidens, that means a free service with those girls that have indicated it.


RolePlay is a service whereby a girl will come to meet you dressed up in a uniform of your choosing, from a selection indicated by the girl on her phone call to you.

This could be anything from a nurse, a policewoman or a full cosplay costume.

There will be no charge for roleplay services if a girl has indicated it in her ‘likes’ in this glossary.

Domination (various guises):

This type of service is normally only practised by a trained dominatrix, and as such is not offered that often.

Those girls that DO offer mild submissive, or domination services will only come to your place to carry out the service, as we do not possess a dungeon.

Any girl advertising this service will give those services for free as per the Midlands Maidens glossary terms.

Dinner Dates and Extended Appointments:

This final glossary term concerns Dinner Dates, and their natural progression, the Extended Appointment or Overnight appointment.

All girls on the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts agency will accept dinner dates or extended appointments provided that they have had time to make provision for them, and many of our clients feel that these appointments are solid gold, and the ideal way to create a true Maidens Experience.

All activities on these extended appointments come included with the price.


There are a few other services provided by the girls that aren’t advertised, such as ‘rimming’, ‘deepthroating’, ‘multiple shots on goal’ etc, all of which still come free with the initial price for the appointment.

We don’t have access to all of the girls’ ‘likes’, so these are best discussed with the girl on her free phone call to you.

One little ‘extra’ that we should mention though, is the Midlands Maidens Champagne extra, which is explained in full HERE and a brief expectation of what you can expect to savour in the following short clip:

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our glossary page/index, and also the few videos that we found for you that give some indication of what you might expect.

Enjoy your Maidens Experience with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, and make sure to leave a review on the girl you choose.

Happy Bookings x x x


Whilst this page describes and shows activities that might happen on your appointment with one or more staff members from Midlands Maidens, bookings are arranged and accepted on the understanding that you are paying for the girl’s time and companionship only. Any other activities occurring on your appointment is by the mutual consent of two or more agreeable adults.

Glossary videos supplied by Pornhub and XVideos.


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