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grausame tochter

Grausame Tochter

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Grausame Tochter

We’d like to introduce you to Grausame Tochter on this edition of the Music Box, who have a rather unique act.

Originally coming from Germany and singing predominantly in their native tongue, they subscribe to being a ‘Sex-Death’ band and incredibly visual, so anyone watching the videos shouldn’t even notice that they were singing in German.

The singer with Grausame Tochter, Aranea Peel, comes over as being an extreme dominatrix, and the videos follow that trend. Think ‘Cabaret’ meets ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ and you’re partway there.

We’re running three videos of Grausame Tochter in this presentation that would all seem to nightmarishly run together, and just beware that what you THINK could happen WILL happen in the most uncomfortable way.

First up, we show Aranea Peel’s take on some classical German songs, all sang naked in her bed with just a flimsy nightie, and with sugar lollies that turn into blood.

All perfectly normal for classical German songs then.

That’s it for YouTube, as the other videos are a little too sensitive for them.

We go over to Vimeo for the next video which is from Aranea Peel’s own collection over there.

This next one is a short one, but shows the dominatrix side of Aranea as she whips some poor bugger into submission:

We stay with Vimeo for this final video, a wonderfully inspired ‘Sex-Death’ video of Grausame Tochter ‘Rosen fur Dich’ (Roses for You).

Remember, no matter how nice some things appear to be, they can turn into nightmares as the flick of a switch from the right director:

And that was our introduction to Grausame Tochter for you.

Aranea Peel reminds us a little of Liza Minelli, and we might well pull up the video that sparked that idea in a future Music Box post.

We hope you enjoyed it, and don’t have nightmares!

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