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high class call girls

High Class Call Girls

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

High Class Call Girls

We’ve got a couple of curated posts in this latest feature on High-Class Call Girls, plus a full-length video at the end.

This lot should keep you going for an hour or two, and expose some myths about the disadvantages of working independently, and what happens if you break the rules when working for an agency.

If you decided that you’d like to abide by the rules though, all very basic ones that are designed to look after YOU, then feel free to fill in the application form at the bottom of this post.

First up in our curated posts, is this one from the Daily Mirror, exposing a few myths about high class call girls becoming party girls, and then continuing down the slide to selling sex for a fiver to fuel their drug habits.

The sex worker says some girls are selling themselves for as little as £5 to fund their drug habit

Source: Call girl reveals what escort adverts saying ‘she’s a party girl’ really mean – Mirror Online

Finally, we come to ‘the main event’, where we find Miss Emily B and Cookie Jane in a TV documentary about High-Class Call Girls.

First up, here’s a review of the documentary that was originally run one day after the High-Class Call Girls show was aired:

Channel 4’s documentary about privately educated escorts answered all the viewers’ questions, says Ed Cumming

Source: Review: ‘heartbreaking and non-judgmental’ – Telegraph

And so to the video.

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Enjoy this often thought-provoking insight into the world of High-Class Call Girls starring Miss Emily B and Cookie Jane.

If YOU wanted to try out in the world of high-class call girls, then please click on EMPLOYMENT or go straight through to the application form by hitting the button below.

Good Luck!

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