Holiday offers at Midlands Maidens

Holiday Offers at Midlands Maidens

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Holiday Offers at Midlands Maidens

We’ve decided to deviate slightly from our normal holiday offers by sending this one out one day later than usual due to pay-day arriving later.

This ‘spring break’ holiday also signals the half-term break for schoolkids, hence the header image and the gallery appearing later in the post.

Just that one extra day tagged onto the end should make all the difference in holiday offers for our customers, and let them sample the delights of a Nottingham escort from Midlands Maidens at ‘regular client’ prices!

So from Saturday, 25th May at 10 pm – all the way through till Wednesday morning, 29th May at 10 am, all prices for a local appointment to meet one of our girls will be set at £150, removing the late-night/early morning surplus of £50.

Subsequent hours of any appointments will stay at £100, and of course, our prices are ALL INCLUSIVE!

These holiday offers have proved to be very popular over the last few run-outs, so we must apologise in advance if your chosen girl cannot make it over to you within the hour.

Escort Jobs at Midlands Maidens

We are launching another recruitment drive for girls that fancy a dabble in this industry, and for those that make the grade, the following benefits are included:

Our Promise to You

  • You will be joining the finest Nottingham escorts agency in the East Midlands.
  • You will be self-employed and be able to run your own lifestyle.
  • You will NOT be placed on a rota – rotas are for employees, NOT the self-employed.
  • You will have the lowest agency fees in the whole of the UK – as the girls do the work, so it should be that the girl gets the lion’s share of any monies paid.

Successful Applicants Will Need To:

  • Be suitably dressed and scrub up well in all situations whilst representing Midlands Maidens.
  • You must be a psychoanalyst, a social worker, a dominatrix, a submissive, an exquisite dinner-date companion, or a whore – or any combination of the above, depending on the client’s wants and needs.
  • Have an excellent command of the English language for your pre-arranged phone-call to the client and for your subsequent appointment.
  • Be open-minded enough regarding any situation that is thrown upon you by the customer, always bearing in mind that any unsuitable appointments will not be offered to you if you have already requested this.
  • Girls just wanna have fun, so enjoy yourself!

Please bear in mind that although this is the oldest profession in the world, we find that less than 1% of applicants could carry this off with any real conviction, which is why we represent so few girls.

If YOU feel that you are amongst this elite 1%, then contact us via the ESCORT JOBS page!

You Must Not:

  • Turn up to a client with a fake smile, pull your knickers to one side, and leave the client wishing he’d gone to Forest Road instead.
  • Be perpetually answering the phone and sending text messages whilst you are on an appointment.
  • Turn up to an appointment pissed out of your head.
  • Turn up to an appointment coked up to the eyeballs.

These last four rules are imperative for you to follow when working for Midlands Maidens, and we value customer feedback very highly. Whilst these rules are perfectly fine whilst working as an independent, or for less demanding ‘providers’ who do not value their worth and send anything out provided it’s got a fanny, you will find that Midlands Maidens are a cut above these low-class escort suppliers.

Anyone that feels they could follow our simple rules is welcome to apply on the ESCORT JOBS page.

And Finally:

As promised earlier, we now enclose a gallery for you to peruse over in celebration of our holiday offers and the schoolkids breaking up:

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