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Last Updated on Saturday, March 11, 2023


A devastatingly wonderful piece of NSFW video this time in the Music Box c/o Hoops by William Belli, which shows girls can have just as much fun as boys!

…or should that be the other way around?!?

Deviating just this once from our usual Music Box format, we’d like to present a stimulating performance from a drag-queen, who at first glance looks as wonderful as any of our staff.

A little bit of background:

“Hoops” is based around the popular saying that the size of a person’s hoop earrings is related to how big of a hoe they are.

…and a few of the song’s lyrics to get you in the mood:

I can fuck you down well
Ooh and these walls will tell you that
I don’t need words to say
Look at the way I decorate
My lips, look plump and ready
DSL (Dick Sucking Lips) I think you get it
You don’t need my lips to tell
That what I do, I do so well

The bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe
Ain’t afraid to be that girl
Jumping through hoops
Cause you already know

This performance takes us right back to the times when NG ONE in Nottingham, and AD2 (now closed as far as we know) were running side by side, and putting on shows from various drag queens that frequented both venues.

Eee wen I wer a lad, we spent many nights there in both venues, and even got thrown out once due to one of the girls having a hissy-fit with a bottle of champagne!

This takes us right back to those days, and be warned – this is most definitely not safe to watch at work.

An infuriatingly addictive ‘swing’ type song, we can guarantee that you’ll be watching this one many times over!

So enjoy Hoops, written and performed by William Belli and many male models, and watch out for the very special hoop-la game in the middle :).

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the MUSIC BOX team.

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