How Can I Succeed

How Can I Succeed?

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1. Your First Step to Becoming a Nottingham Escorts Fantasy Girl
2. Becoming a Fantasy Girl Nottingham Escort (Pt2)
3. Relationships and the Nottingham Escort Industry (3 of 4)
4. Your Mother Should Know (Nottingham Escorts 4 of 4)
5. How Can I Succeed?
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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

We’ve been handed the poisoned chalice this time in the Midlands Maidens Blog, as we attempt to answer the question ‘how can I succeed?’

Succeed at what, though?

We’re going to take a look at a narrative YouTube channel called ‘How to Be an Escort‘ in this edition of the Midlands Maidens blog, which gives valid insights on all aspects of the sex industry, and more importantly should handle the question of ‘how can I succeed’ from a legitimate escort girl.

The escort girl in question is Isabelle Fox, who is a high-class escort from Australia, and her full channel can be accessed from the above link (opens in a new tab).

Some of the terminology, such as ‘brothels’, and ‘massage with benefits’ are actually illegal to run in the UK, but provided that you use those terminologies to describe ‘escort agencies’ (which ARE legal), then there shouldn’t be a problem.

The following videos are essentially narrative stories, and designed so that information is given out to girls either thinking about, or just having started in the sex industry. This post is also a valid update to our earlier series of posts looking at ‘Nottingham Escort Jobs‘.

Anyone wanting a few pictures, or some porn, should try looking through our ‘I want a wank’ porn feeds instead.

So with all the guys now having gone for a wank, we’ll continue with ‘how can I succeed?:

Part one: Top 3 Traits of Successful High Class Escorts:

I want to support my family, so that my children never have to go without – and escorting is my vehicle to making sure that they never have to go without.

Powerful words there from Isabelle, who encapsulates the whole video in one sentence.

Ok, so the above video describes what CAN happen if you’re a high-class escort, but what about those of you looking to start up, or have just started working in this industry?

Here is some advice describing what you SHOULD be doing, and what you SHOULDN’T be doing:

Part two: Escorting 101; The Crucial Do’s and Dont’s:

It’s your job as the professional to remain cool, calm and collected, and breeze though problems.

Never a truer word was written or spoken there, and Midlands Maidens INSISTS on professionalism from their girls.

Ok, so where do I work?

Coming newly into this industry in the UK, there are generally two options:

1) Working independently (or privately) and verifying and advertising yourself on websites such as Adultwork, or VivaStreet, then taking your own phone calls, working out who the wind-up merchants are by vetting them, then either inviting the customer over to your place or going over to his, and of course bartering over the final fees.

2) Working for an escort agency where all of your promotion is already done for you, and you just need to call the customer to arrange the time of the meet-up.

A slightly longer video now then, which explains all of this in greater detail:

Part three: How To Pick The Right Place To Work When You’re Just Starting Out:

Now that you’ve seen how to pick the right place to work for, how about the possible pitfalls of working for an escort agency?

This next video explains all of the fun and fallacies to those of you just starting out:

Part four: 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became An Escort:

Finally, a few escorting myths that are just hopelessly wrong:

Part five: 5 Escorting Myths You Were Wrong To Believe:

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our short video selection on ‘how can I be successful’ and that this has dispelled a few myths and queries for anyone that fancied coming into the sex worker industry.

A huge thank you to our narrator Isabelle Fox, who shows you that it’s not all fairy shining stars, nor is it all doom-laden dungeons (unless you wanted those 🙂 ) in the escorting industry.

We look forward to any new applications that come through following your research on this subject, and the Midlands Maidens staff are always ready to answer any questions that you might have.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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