How to Apply

How to Apply

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

How to Apply

…for a position at Midlands Maidens. We’ve just upgraded our application form, making it easier on the eye, how to apply.

The big news this week is the new application form on the ESCORT JOBS page, which we have re-vamped to make it easier to digest for any newbies out there.

Instead of it being rather large and rambling, it is now much more concise and easier on the eye, with a pagination effect that needs to have all of the ‘required fields’ filled in before you can go to the next page.

The form is no shorter, and is designed to sort out the weeds from the chaff type thing, but now it flows along in short pages, making it so much easier to apply for a position at Midlands Maidens.

Additionally, most of the options on the form are multiple choice, making your application even simpler.

We’ll now go through the pages:

Page One: is the introduction, nothing to fill in here, just an assurance of how we treat our staff:


Page Two: is where you fill in your brief resumé, including your name, email, contact number, and a message about why you wanted to join Midlands Maidens:


Page Three: is the first of the ‘multiple choice’ pages, which concentrates on your own vital statistics:


Page Four: is multiple choice again, and lets us know your nationality, ethnicity and location:

pagefour how to apply

Page Five: starts off with two multiple choice elements, and then three (not required) ones, that tell us if you’ve worked elsewhere or not, when you’ll be available to take appointments, where you’ve worked, and any other websites that you’re featured on:

pagefive how to apply

Page Six:  is the page where you add your photos. TWO PHOTOS MUST BE ADDED but the rest of the image uploads are optional.

It should also be noted that like before, we do not accept images that have Instagram or Snapchat filters applied, nor do we accept images with a ‘facial wash’ on them that make you look twenty years younger than you are.

pagesix how to apply

Page Seven: is the final page and just gives you some further information about how your info and images will (and will not) be used on the website.

There is also a recaptcha for you to check, and finally you can click the ‘SEND NOW’ button.


So why did we feel that we needed to change the application form?

Well apart from it now being easier on the eye, and being much simpler to fill in, the main reason was the ‘recaptcha’ right at the end.

We were finding that a few ‘applications’ were coming in from Kazakhstan and Ukrania with no images added, so they were bypassing the security somehow – with the Google recaptcha added, this should take care of any security concerns.

We found that the whole form took a maximum of five minutes to fill in, and that was even with adding photos.

For those of you that are having problems with adding photos from a mobile, check out THIS TUTORIAL.

We hope that you enjoyed our breakdown of the new application form, and that we’ve sorted out how to apply for a position on the Midlands Maidens staff list.

Here’s the latest Recruitment Video from the Midlands Maidens YouTube channel:

With that it’s goodbye for now, and we’ll see you next time!

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