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How to Balls Up an Interview

How to Balls Up an Interview

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Last Updated on Sunday, August 20, 2023

How to Balls Up an Interview

When an interview goes really well, the applicant may get told immediately if she’s passed. Here’s (nearly) how to balls up an interview.

This interview took place in the Nottingham City Centre and continued after finalising the result.

Interview Location: Nottingham City Centre

Interview Partner: Jessica

Interview Time: 1 pm

Our applicant Cleo phoned up to say that she’d be a couple of minutes late, due to the tram stopping too many times.

As it was, she turned up an acceptable 10 minutes late, just after we’d got the drinks in.

Cleo was a 34-year-old 5’6″ petite brunette with a bust size of 34C.

The interview went really well, and Cleo even removed her panties so that we could take a photo for one of our regular clients!

It looked like the regular client was just having a wank though, as he never made it over.

Cleo performed really well regarding her application, and she was taken on immediately provided that she got a few photos sent over.

The photos soon arrived (together with a short video) and we prepared to publish her profile page.

So why was it that Cleo was showing us how to balls up an interview?

Well, Cleo’s photos were fine (here’s her lead image):

Cleo 01

…and the short video showed off most of her charms:


…but from Thursday Morning up until Saturday evening, we were not able to get in touch with her.

The work on Cleo’s profile page was stopped immediately, and we presumed that it was the last that we’d see of her.

Spring Bank Holiday Monday arrived, together with a WhatsApp message from Cleo, asking if she was live on the website yet.

Sorry Cleo, but we haven’t been able to get in touch with you since Thursday morning, and we presumed that you didn’t want to work with us.

“Yes, I do, what do you mean that you can’t get in touch with me?

Have you seen all of those missed calls from Thursday onwards?

“No, there’s nothing here – oh hang on – what’s this blue marker next to your number?

It turned out that Cleo had been temporarily redirecting our phone messages out into the cosmos, proving that brunettes can be just as silly as blondes sometimes!

With that, Cleo sent over another – more saucy – photo:

Cleo 05

…and her profile page finally went live on the website.

A couple of observations from the above post:

Firstly, Midlands Maidens will not accept phone excuses – work out how your phone operates or you’ll get no work and possibly even get removed from the website.

Secondly, from now on following Cleo’s application, we will be looking at adding short videos of ALL of our girls, as adding short videos makes it virtually impossible to apply a ‘bait and switch.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this latest post from the Secret Diary, and also that you’ve learned as much as we have!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


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