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How to Book an Escort Without Being Ignored

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

How to Book an Escort Without Being Ignored

We have a full quota of facts on how to book an escort on our ‘About‘ page, but for those that cannot be arsed to go through ‘escort etiquette’, this item is for you.

It states very clearly that:

The easiest way to make a booking with Midlands Maidens is to initially call by phone, on 07983-910-208. We will then be able to tell you who is working at that time, and arrange for the girl to contact you directly.

Nowhere at all in the text does it say to send a barrage of text messages, all asking ‘who’s free now’, and then refusing to answer a call-back. In fact, after the first message, your phone will be blocked at the office for the rest of the night.

Then we get the same barrages from WhatsApp, again asking ‘Who’s free now’ that suffer the same fate.

Some people then move onto email, or our Free Text Message service, asking ‘who’s free now’, refusing to answer a call-back, and getting us to filter their messages as spam or a message block, and we never hear from them again.

Now the way we see it, is that anyone sending text messages to try and book an escort, rather than calling is a right tight-wad who is reluctant to spend any part of their ‘monthly allowance’ on calls to an escort agency. This might be fine for one or two local ‘providers’, but the false bookings there are racked up sky high.

So if you’re one of these ‘tight-wads’, preferring not to call but instead send Whatsapp messages, or send Free Text Messages, and the pubs and clubs have just kicked out and you didn’t pull, spare a thought for our escort girls – they probably don’t want to ‘pull’ a right tight-wadded bugger that doesn’t want to chat to the office or the girls themselves either!


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