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How to Change a Browser Lead

How to Change a Browser

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

How to Change a Browser

Something that cropped up earlier – ‘what do I do if my browser has stopped working?’ Here’s the official method on how to change a browser.

Quite often, especially if you visit ‘naughty websites’ or those with lots of dodgy adverts, you’ll find that your browser will give up the ghost on some of your bookmarked websites and return an error message.

Here then is the simple solution.

Consider the following screen-shot, showing a few bookmarked websites, including the offending ‘Bit-Porno’ one, which started sending our Google Chrome browser into error messages:

How to Change a Browser

The error messages also appeared on Firefox, so we were stuck with Microsoft Edge to resolve the issue.

The first step then is to completely un-install the Google Chrome browser.

This can be done by navigating to ‘remove apps and features’ using your windows pc search bar, then scrolling down until you find ‘Google Chrome’.

Apps and Features
Scroll down until you find Google Chrome

(This can also be done with the Firefox Browser if you wanted, but we’re just sticking to the one un-install).

Step two is to click onto ‘Google Chrome’ when a new menu will appear – click onto ‘un-install’ and for safety’s sake also click onto ‘clear your browsing history’, which will take care of any dodgy ads and websites being saved.

So now you’ll just be left with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, so step three is to fire that browser up.

Step four is to search for ‘Google Chrome’ in the bing browser, then click onto the first result you find. Follow the instructions for installing that Google provides you, and you’ll be set up within a minute or so.

You should now be at the same point before the un-install, but now with a brand spanking new Google Chrome browser that is not affected by dodgy ads and websites.

Total time required – around ten minutes.

Renewed Security – Priceless!

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