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How to Get in Touch

How to Get in Touch

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

How to Get in Touch

We’ve been inundated with text messages this week, ALL of which have been ignored. How to get in touch? Here’s the best way:

Without a doubt, the best (and only) way how to get in touch with Midlands Maidens is by a direct phone call.

This saves us having to play text-tennis with the prospective client, it saves us from refusing to send girls’ photos over as the photos are on the website, and it saves us from having to quote prices, which are again on the website.

On a direct phone call, you will find out who is working immediately, and getting any prices direct from the horses mouth.

You will then be contacted by the girl that you have chosen, again by direct phone call, when you can confirm the booking and when she will arrive.

Simple, eh?

And with our girls’ wonderful phone manners, this is an ideal ‘ice breaker’ to chat to her in private and let her know what turns you on.

This can all be sorted out in around ten minutes and the girl can be on her way over to you, as opposed to the ‘text tennis’ method whereby the girl is tied up for around half an hour and having to put up with badly written texts, possibly from a time-waster.

Sexy Phone Call

The Joy of Autoresponders.

We’ve been testing a new toy out over the past few weeks to remove the stress from the Midlands Maidens office staff, and this comes in the form of a text message autoresponder.

Those clients that insist on texting will now get a polite reply stating ‘We are not accepting text messages, please call instead’.

Boring Texts

Similarly for those people trying to use WhatsApp to try and get in touch with us, they will find that anything containing WhatsApp has been left in the office, and will not be seen until the next day.

The same goes for the ‘Free Text Message’ clan, who again will not get their messages seen until the next morning.

Using Email to try and get in touch with us is still absolutely fine, as we are presuming that unless you are an absolute lemon, you will not be using email to arrange a booking within the next hour, but instead be enquiring about a possible advanced booking.

That’s about it for this time, and don’t forget that a direct phone-call is ALWAYS the best choice to get a girl over straight away!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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