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How to Interview a Drunken Junkie

How to Interview a Drunken Junkie

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

How to Interview a Drunken Junkie

This was a truly sad interview, but she had connections to the agency. Here’s how to interview a drunken junkie.

Applicant – Angie

Interview Location – Nottingham City Centre

Interview Partner – Angelina

The interview was set for 1 pm and amazingly, this was the one thing that Angie had got right by greeting us as we walked in.

Angie was a 34-year-old blonde, dress size 8-10, with a 34C bust.

The drinks were gotten in, and a few greetings were exchanged before Angie disappeared for a while to the toilet.

On her return, she’d developed a rather annoying sniffle and her speech had become incoherent.

This was all rather embarrassing, as Angie had been recommended by Angelina, the interview partner.

There were no photos forthcoming, but as Angie had originally called using WhatsApp before realising that she was instructed not to, her WhatsApp profile photo was leaked out to us and distributed to a few select clients.

These ‘few select clients’ immediately informed us that they didn’t want to meet her as she was a junkie, who was not averse to slapping them over the head if they complained.

Moving to another bar for a discussion on the interview, Angie was continually ‘hanging on’ to try and find out what the results were.

Returning from the little boy’s room, imagine the surprise awaiting when I saw that the bar tables had been nuked, with drinks and phones all over the floor.

A lucky escape for our clients then, and she was phoned the next day to hear that her application had been unsuccessful.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.

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