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How to Use Krystal Jetbackup

How to Use Krystal Jetbackup

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

How to Use Krystal Jetbackup

One thing that GoDaddy excelled in was their File-Manager. Krystal has upped their game though, and here’s how to use Krystal Jetbackup.

For those of you that are uninitiated out there, GoDaddy is a website hosting company that we started out on, perpetually trying to do upsells, perpetually having to give out refunds because their upsells did not work, and running their website speeds via a wire underneath the Atlantic Ocean to get an impressive 6 seconds loading time (lol) for their customers.

The Atlantic Ocean excuse was the final straw for us when we left GoDaddy, but we still get calls from their customer support asking us to go back and apologising for their misdemeanours on the Ocean thing – however, they now use Bulgarians in their call centres, with just as poor information, who just hang up when they cannot answer your query.

Enter Krystal and WP Rocket.

We now have sub-1-second page-loads using these two pieces of kit, without having to come up against the GoDaddy Atlantic Ocean cables, and these are really easy to set up.

Sub 1 Second

WP Rocket has just introduced a setting for ‘Delay Javascript Execution’ in their dashboard, which can catch a few people out.

There are a few snippets of code you can add into their dashboard which would get things working properly again, but this post is about how to use Krystal Jetbackup in a more granular instance, to roll back your theme to a previous version.

WP Rocket DJE Settings

The Midlands Maidens theme was updated earlier this week, and the developer is working as we speak to release a fix, which enables the possibility to use ‘Delay Javascript Execution’ and NOT mess up the lead images and galleries from working properly.

It’s way beyond our skills to do this ourselves, so we decided to use Krystal Jetbackup to retrieve last weeks version of our theme, and at the same time NOT lose any work on the website by retrieving a full backup from last week.

So then:

How to use Krystal Jetbackup in a granular fashion?

First, go to the Krystal c-panel and open ‘Jetbackup’:

Krystal Jetbackup Features

You can see the ‘Full Backups’ option in prime position.

Ignore that though, and go to ‘File Backups’.

Find a date that you know your updated theme was NOT active (we just chose any date before last Thursday) and click on it.

Next, DON’T try to choose your website name, instead, choose public_html, which is where your main website is residing.

Scroll down to find wp-content, click on it, and then choose ‘themes’.

Choose the MAIN THEME and NOT the child theme if you are using one.

When you’re in the main theme folder, SELECT ALL and click RESTORE.

In less than a minute, all theme files will be restored back to the date you chose, and any development issues will have disappeared.

A really simple process there then, and obviously in addition to themes, this can be done for dodgy plugins too by clicking on the PLUGINS folder.

Not using Krystal yet?

Rather than using GoCrappy with their cables underneath the Atlantic Ocean, getting you a sub 10 second website loading time, try upgrading to a Krystal hosting plan, which doesn’t need cables as it’s a UK based host.

If you use the code MMSKRYS in your checkout options, you’ll get a free tenner discount courtesy of Midlands Maidens to get your website running REALLY fast, and you’ll get unlimited free SSL certificates and migrations to boot.

Using Krystal and WP Rocket together is possibly the best investment you’ll ever make!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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