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Idiot Brigade and Statistics

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Idiot Brigade and Statistics

This post was just meant to be about our new statistics software, but with the idiot brigade out in force this weekend, we thought we’d add that too.

First, the statistics software:

We’ve been testing a new statistics software over the past few weeks, and with this one pulling directly from Google Analytics, it MUST be the best way of viewing true stats.

Viewable from today on our STATISTICS PAGE, we now have runs of ‘visitors online now’, ‘visitors today’, ‘visitors yesterday’, and ‘total visitors overall’.

For clarity, we have removed the ‘page views’ sections, as ‘page views’ can be seen quite clearly from the ‘popular posts and threads’ software.

It really does hold no sway in seeing that 1.6 million people have viewed different items on the website, as without Google Analytics enabled on the front end (which we are NOT prepared to do) the 1.6 million things is just pointless – except to inflate our egos :).

The last 20 search terms show some particularly strange items, but it’d be a strange and lacklustre world if everyone was searching for the same thing.

And of course, there is the world map, showing where all our visitors are coming from.

We hope you enjoy rummaging through our back end even more with these new features!

The Idiot Brigade

Dunno why it is, but there are some people that ‘idiot brigade’ defies the concept of idiots.

Only this week, we published a post describing 6 Tips for Punters, and the best way to ensure that an appointment is made at Midlands Maidens.

Maybe the punting community in Nottingham is just made up of tight bastards, or they just refuse to respect our girls via a phone call.

There might also be a swathe of UK Punting neanderthal morons assuming that Midlands Maidens operates the same as other ‘providers’ in this industry – or a combination of all three of those criteria.

The fact remains (as those clients who played by the rules this weekend will testify) that we do NOT accept text message bookings, we do NOT accept WhatsApp bookings, neither do we accept Facebook Messenger bookings, ‘Free Text Message’ bookings, nor Email bookings that wanted a girl over straight away.

So for all of the idiot brigade, please read the ‘6 Tips for Punters‘ post (presuming that you can actually READ that is) and see what IS acceptable, and what is NOT acceptable.

Midlands Maidens GIVES respect and EXPECTS respect all around, and this will not be given by people that prefer to find any way possible other than making a simple phone call to contact us.

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Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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