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Image Magic

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Image Magic

It’s a well-known fact that Midlands Maidens is much more than just an escort website, and our image magic is just a part of our popularity.

We were the first, and still are, the only local OR national escort agency that gives you FOUR blog sections to read, and we decided to offer a local news feed so that you can keep in touch with the world outside of escorting.

We have also recently introduced our PFV feed where those of you into kinky shit can get a daily update on that too.

We added an AMP website version, a PWA version, and added notifications for our blog posts on laptops, computers and mobiles, all with featured image magic to make sure that Midlands Maidens came into the top 1% in technical matters.

All of this was designed with the customer in mind so that Midlands Maidens is a complete portal to everything that you might need in your sexual or regular reading matter.

So what’s the crack with this ‘image magic’ then?

Since last year, we have been working on a new website design that primarily uses images to get you around the website. Check out the Samsung website, the Apple website, and the AIR BnB websites if you needed any further proof, and we considered that it was about time that an escorting website adopted the same format.

Though we’ve used them in the past, we HATE sliders across the top of the page that are notorious ‘load time swallowers’.

We also abhor websites that just have photos of escorts on the front page, in a list, bait and switch, hoping that some poor sap will be taken in by the images, boring.

Our first video explains this in fuller detail – Dennis Prager narrates ‘The Power of the Visual’:


Our girls are obviously very important to us, and without their diligence and loyalty, Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts would not even exist.

What we WON’T do, however, is add obviously photo-shopped images of girls in luxurious surroundings with flawless skin and features, that are obviously fake – and probably don’t even exist.

Midlands Maidens were the first local agency to require SELFIE photos (without filters added) for publication on the website.

This proves that the girl is who she says she is, and a few other local agencies have followed suit, and are now publishing selfie photos.

The following video is what any red-blooded male will see, and assume that the girl he ordered will be turning up looking exactly like the photos – and then start moaning when a slapper turns up:

Abandon all hope ye who spends their wad on the above images, as you have as much chance of that girl turning up as using a glass lump hammer.

You might remember from ‘The Power of the Visual’ video above, that girls aren’t affected by erotic imagery in the same way that men are – ie they don’t think with their cocks.

We found this video completely by accident, so enjoy this American ‘Police Calendar’ prank, showing that girls don’t have the same criteria for some image magic:


So what is the reasoning behind this post?

First off, we need to thank the cosplay players from Rin City who has supplied the wonderful featured images and the header title photo of Harley Quinn – the latest decadent superheroine from Marvel Comics and ‘The Suicide Squad’ in particular.

Quite simply, however, it is very easy to deceive you by using visual concepts.

Images are an incredibly powerful means of communication to customers and there are those that seek to exploit this fact by charging lower prices but then using threats to intimidate you when you find out that the images you’ve been shown are fake.

The perfect companion IS out there somewhere, but at least use something like Google Image Search to find out who’s faking it, no matter HOW hard your cock is, or how much you needed a shag.

We hope that you enjoyed our post on image magic and the power of the visual, and we would like to thank LouLou for helping us compile the videos.

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

Did you find a video that is no longer working?

Let us know by mentioning it on our SUGGESTIONS PAGE (opens in a new tab) and we’ll try and find a replacement.


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