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In this moment playlist

In This Moment Playlist

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Last Updated on Thursday, August 31, 2023

In This Moment Playlist

So it’s back into the clutches of Maria Brink, as we bring you this ‘In This Moment Playlist’ from YouTube for our Christmas Special.

Maria and the band featured on one of our earliest Music Box publications, performing ‘Whore’ which has received many favourable reviews from our Twitter clientelle, so we thought it only fair to show this extended playlist from Mr Ali Al Bada, showing In This Moment at their best.

Whilst viewing the songs, you will also see that Maria heads up her own video production company, so quality viewing is guaranteed!

The playlist shows Maria and the band performing seven of their best songs, lasting around 45 minutes, so make sure that you turn it up loud, put it onto full screen, and let these lockdown restrictions that have curbed so many bands in 2020, float over you as you listen to some of the finest girlie metal around.

Without further ado, here is our In This Moment Playlist for Christmas:

To ‘skip’ any track in a playlist, click on the ‘reverse’ or the ‘forward’ buttons at the bottom of the playing video.

We hope that you enjoyed our last playlist of the year in the Music Box, and here’s to a better 2021 for everyone within the music industry.

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