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Incalls – A Quick Definition

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Incalls – A Quick Definition

It seems that a few clients are having problems working out what Incalls are. For those that are struggling, here’s a quick definition.

As mentioned on our ‘Pricing/Rates‘ page, Incalls are where you come over to our place. With us being a Nottingham Escorts Agency, it can be safely assumed that ‘our place’ will be in Nottingham.

It also mentions that Incalls are one-on-one bookings, ie no groups of piss-heads out on the lash, looking for somewhere to go after the pubs have shut.

For the above reasons, enquiries from groups, or asking if an incall is available in Derby, or Leicester, or any suburbs of Nottingham ie Hucknall, Bottesford or Bingham. or indeed enquiries from Tamworth and Northampton asking for incalls will always be politely refused,

(The variation of politeness being dependent on how many idiots have come through already).

Summing up

To sum up then – incalls are one-on-one bookings that are open 24 hours for REGULAR users, but only open from 12 pm to 10 pm for new clients – those that haven’t used us before.

Incalls MAY require a deposit from new clients, who will need to book a 90-minute appointment first time out. After your first appointment, we would assume that we know you and you could book the usual 60mins appointment.

From the Pricing/Rates page:

  • Our incall prices mean that you don’t have to bother getting a hotel or invite a girl over to your place. There are however a few conditions to recognise when coming over to our place:
  • You MUST attempt to be on time as if you are late you might be asked to leave early as the next client might be arriving.
  • Any deposits made will be forfeit if you either turn up late or don’t arrive at all.
  • All incall appointments are between two people – the girl, and the client. Any more than this would mean that we could be charged with running a brothel, which could be embarrassing for all concerned.
  • Any GROUP of clients turning up will lose their deposit due to the above reasons.

All of this is due to our security measures, as many times we have been asked the location and postcode without an appointment having been made.

With us not being exceedingly dim, this is always refused due to the ‘wannabee gangsta’ element from other providers that either try to get in and trash the place (Escorts Nottingham were the victims), or trash the girl (Feline were the victims), or trash both (countless stories we have heard straight from the girls).

All of these simple basic security measures make Midlands Maidens one of the safest agencies to work for, both for the girls AND the clients, so we trust that a minimal ‘jumping through hoops’ element will be in everyone’s best interests.

We find that clients NOT liking this and getting aggressive on the phone are not worth the hassle in giving them an appointment.

We trust that this definition of how we run incalls here at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts will enlighten you as to how you can make a booking, and we look forward to meeting you soon!


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