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Our New Independent Escorts Directory

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Our New Independent Escorts Directory

Whoa, what’s this then? An agency running an Independent Escorts Directory? What will they think of next?

Actually it wasn’t that hard to come up with. There were many girls that for some reason or other didn’t QUITE fit the Midlands Maidens mould, and rather than dismissing them entirely, or even laying them prostate to other dubious gangsta providers, the Independent Escorts Directory seemed a perfect option.

**The Independent Escorts Directory has now been closed, due to the girls on there not answering their phones.**

Our first two girls in there are Rebecca and Ella, who were actually due to meet us tonight for an interview.

We put this idea to them, and they jumped at the chance!

Problem was, we had to sort through around sixty photos of nearly nude girls, and we thought bollox to it – we’ll put them ALL on.

It’s a rough job, but someone’s got to do it, right?

The more astute amongst you will notice that Ella has the same contact number as Rebecca, but this is purely coincidental as they work from the same house.

We’ve already arranged for Rebecca to make the coffee whilst Ella is sorting a client out upstairs 🙂

If YOU wanted to join the ranks of our escorts in the Directory, with no need to interview or mess about doing meet-ups, either call us on 07983-910-208 or email us on and get our full prospectus.

We realise that going independent will not suit everybody, as many girls need support and help whilst doing this kind of job – even those that have already been doing it for years!

It’s always been our mission though to help everyone out, and with this decisive step, we feel that we’ve done just that!

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