Interview Etiquette

Interview Etiquette

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Last Updated on Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Interview Etiquette

Well this interview really does take the biscuit!

It’s not often that Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts dedicates a complete post to one interviewee, but this one was so wrong in so many areas, we thought it well worth the write-up.

So there we were, happily taking calls as usual, when Lisa sent us a text message asking if we were looking for new staff.

She was called back pretty quickly, and as we had time to spare, we arranged a meet up for later in the afternoon. Descriptions were noted, times were synchronised, and we set off to the interview.

Interviewee: Lisa
Location: The Gateway
Interview Partner: Angelina
Time/Date: 3pm, Sunday 24th July

We were expecting the arrival of a 5’7″ dress size 8 black girl with blonde hair who had experience locally, in Luton , and in Manchester.

As time nudged towards 3.15 pm, we called to confirm that she was on her way, and she was apparently having problems with the only cab driver in Nottingham that didn’t know where The Gateway was.

We thought we’d move outside and catch some sunshine, and Angelina noticed a big (robust, not tall) black girl with dreadlocks making her way inside. One quick interception later, and we had found Lisa.

To say that her original description was misleading is probably the biggest understatement we’ve ever quoted. Lisa was 5’5″, dress size 12 (being generous) with dark crimped dreadlocks.

What terminated the interview even quicker though, was her leading line – ‘Can you give me nine pounds for the cab?’

Interview Etiquette

This last request was refused outright.

She stayed to rabbit on a little about having worked for Foxy Kittens but being turned away ‘a few times’ when we decided to adjourn inside, leaving Lisa to try and pacify the now jumping up and down cab driver who was still waiting for his nine pounds.

We didn’t bother asking where she was working in Nottingham, or where she’d worked in Manchester.

We were just glad to get rid of a leech that will never succeed as an escort while she has a hole in her arse.

It really astounds us how girls like this get taken on anywhere, and it also dismays us that new clients in Nottingham asking for a slim black girl may well get the likes of Lisa turning up.

We’ll end with our usual line – if your girl turns up and it’s not the one in the pictures, or it doesn’t do the services you asked for – TURN HER AWAY with no cab fare or turning up fee, as you have been sent an item that is not fit for purpose!

Happy Bookings!

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