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Interview Partners

Interview Partners Required at Midlands Maidens

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Interview Partners Required at Midlands Maidens

In addition to looking for new staff, we are also putting out feelers for interview partners to join us when an applicant wishes to sign up.

This will be a paid position and is designed to avoid the Valentine’s Day Horror Story, outlined so eloquently by LouLou a couple of posts ago.

You will be forewarned whenever an interview MAY occur, but you must be prepared to move at a moment’s notice, following the ‘confirmation call’ which is given to all applicants around an hour – two hours before the interview.

There are only a couple of stipulations that we require for interview partners, and they are:

1) You MUST live in Nottingham:

The majority of our interviews are in Nottingham, and for those out-of-town applicants that wished to apply, these interviews are carried out at a very easy-to-find location, just off the motorway.

The reason that we insisted that you must live in Nottingham is due to the confirmation call given to the applicant, to save her from being messed around, and to ensure that you get paid.

Interview Partners Blog Post
An applicant getting ready for her interview

2) You must be punctual, polite and attentive:

These qualities go without saying.

You would be expected to arrive at the interview location 15-30 minutes BEFORE the interview so that any preliminary notes can be swapped.

You SHOULD be polite to all applicants, though in a few cases, you might have to bite your tongue.

You should be attentive and prepared to answer any questions that the interviewee might throw at you.

Young Pretty Girl
Overly flirty, or just right – YOU DECIDE!

3) Feminine intuition:

All of our interviewees are told that if their feminine intuition kicks in and warns them about a dodgy client, then the booking is pulled.

We would expect that same feminine intuition to kick in with our interview partners to forewarn us about potentially dodgy escort girls.

And that dear potential interview partner is it.

We look forward to showing you the ropes so that eventually you could take the lead in finding the best applicants possible to join Midlands Maidens.

No experience is necessary – just an aptitude to strike up a conversation and keep it going.

Join us by giving us a call at 07983-910-208 and we’ll look forward to inviting you on board!

Originally published by Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts and the NEWS team.

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