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I've Got it All (lead)

I’ve Got it All

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

I’ve Got it All

Taken from the Tracey Emin contemporary art auction (all rights respected), we also ask ‘who else wants to say I’ve got it all?’

With Louise and Tanya both out and about, presumably not being seen again before their bedtime, we really do feel for those unlucky clients who will either get told that it’s a two or three-hour wait or even find the phones closed down if it really gets busy.

We’ve still got no one to replace Emily or Grace, and the interview sessions this week were pretty dire, to say the least – leading us to believe that there are only piss-poor girls in Nottingham hoping for a quick grab of casheroonies.

No matter how bad it gets though, we will NOT REDUCE OUR STANDARDS, and if only Louise and Tanya live up to them, it’s far better than getting even one complaint.

So how do you get to say ‘I’ve got it all?

The simple answer to that one is to prove us wrong concerning the casheroonies statement above.

PROVE to us that you can be punctual,

PROVE to us that you are sophisticated and pretty.

PROVE to us that you’ve got a business brain,

PROVE to us that you will meet vetted clients WHEN THEY COME IN.

All clients get told that they might need to wait up to an hour before they can meet you, and sometimes if you’re already busy, up to 45 minutes for their phone call from you.

We are looking for around TEN girls, blondes, brunettes, redheads, ebony girls, ALL who have a perfect command of the English language, to make Midlands Maidens the most affluent agency in Nottingham once again.

Choose Midlands Maidens to join you in your journey to escorting – we can promise that you will not regret it!

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