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January Schedule

January Schedule

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

January Schedule

Whilst the January schedule for appointments haven’t changed a lot, we’ve got some fantastic news for our Room 101 followers.

We’ll start off first with our lead image for this post, which features January Jones (can’t you just tell that we’re going to have a load of images with monthly names):

As always, we must point out that there is no affiliation at all between January Jones and ourselves.

Whilst you’re on this page, why not subscribe to our notifications, that will have flashed up at the top of the website (unless you’ve already subscribed of course).

Subscribing to our notifications will push notes to your mobile or desktop PC whenever we post a new item or any special offers that you might want to look over.

Anyway, on to the January Schedule:

There will be no difference to our appointment system for this month, due to the government still messing around with our freedoms.

Any client placed in one of our girls’ SEX BUBBLES though will have no problems at all in placing their appointments as usual.

We again apologise for this, but whilst the government is still faffing about with a non-existant virus, we must stick to their ‘tiers’ system.


A lot of the time, we’ve been puzzling over how we can get videos from MEWE into our system, and we think we’ve found the answer at last.

Anyone familiar with MEWE will know that their videos at the moment are unable to be downloaded, meaning that we needed to find another option to get them.

We did this with a combination of different websites and phone apps – AZ SCREEN RECORDER from the Google Play Store, and BITPORNO where we are able to store our files.

From there, we just record the videos by phone from MEWE, and upload the files straight to BITPORNO, which also allows embedding for the uploaded videos.

Finding your Categories:

We have TONS of images and videos from MEWE at present, and running through our ‘user search terms’, we’re seeing lots of terms for ‘jailbait’ (no surprise there then), but also for ‘femdom’, ‘ball-busting’ and ‘sounding’, which all seem to fall in with ‘femdom’ as they are all ways to torture males.

It’s stated on MEWE that all girls should be at least 18 years of age or over, but some of them look much younger than that, which should please our ‘jailbait’ followers.

WE MUST NOW wish all of our clients, past, present and future, a happy 2021, and let’s hope that it can’t get worse than 2020!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS, SECRET DIARY, MUSIC BOX, and FETISH teams.



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