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Jobs Video 2022

Jobs Video 2022

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Jobs Video 2022

Hot on the heels of the last recruitment video, comes our latest Jobs Video 2022, which is more in keeping with who we’re looking for.

We’ll start off then with the video itself, which shows the type of fantasy girl that we’re looking for.

Please remember that we don’t need you to be as spectacular as the girls in the video (though they’re welcome to apply of course 🙂 However, there are a few subtle nuances that we expect you to follow should you be accepted to join our staff list.

More on that later, but here is the video:

No sooner had we uploaded this video to YouTube (for file-size economy reasons), and even whilst we were filling in the video description (about two minutes into the upload), we got a message from them that it was only going to be available in ‘over 18’ mode as they obviously cannot handle lots of scantily clad girls prancing about.

The video won’t go down though, as from YouTube we re-downloaded it to our own host.

Right, so the guys can go back and watch the video again and get sticky fingers, as this next part is for the girls.

Earlier on, we explained that a few subtle nuances would be needed from you.

Even though you would be working as a self-employed Nottingham Escort, you would be expected to uphold the standards that we’ve created and upheld since our agency was founded.

This then is what would be expected by us, from you, if you were accepted to join our staff list on an interview:

Escort getting paid

We would not recommend that you apply if you have high-stress levels and all of the following nuances have been applied by the longest working Nottingham escort business (at the time of writing 16 years), so we sort of know what we’re on about.

PUNCTUALITY is rather important for our clients, for your interview attendance, and to ensure that you’re safe on an appointment.

Those girls that find they’ve got to pick the kids up from school or forgot that they’re in Birmingham today or other outlandish excuses will be marked as timewasters, and never get another interview slot.

RELIABILITY is another trait that you should have.

Those girls that have periods every Saturday night or come up with ‘family do’ excuses will soon get found out and realise that their position here has become incredibly fragile.

CRITICISM is another aspect that you might encounter, either from the client who says that you did not supply a service that is on your profile page, or from us when the clients’ complaints become too regular.

We were told by one of our teen failures a few weeks ago that:

You take advantage of the girls and there’s no respect – at least not for me

Well, this last teen failure had made every excuse possible NOT to send photos, NOT to be available and NOT to answer her phone, blaming the phone itself for being sub-standard (mind you it WAS an iPhone).

So she got the sack following the third weekend in a row that she wasn’t available.

RESPECT has just been bought up, and respect is something that Midlands Maidens offers and gives to every girl.

However, respect runs both ways.

If you take Midlands Maidens for fools, we will put a note on your file and subject you to the next decimation list.

Jobs video 2022 post image

Respect is a dish best served cold (or should that be revenge?)

Finally, two new requirements:

Escort working is a highly exclusive and secretive business, but of the last three girls that we’ve removed, ALL THREE thought that they knew better than us when it came to letting someone know what they were doing.

Escort with payment in stockings

If you are still living at home, or living with a spouse, or even living in a hippy commune, you MUST TELL AT LEAST ONE FRIEND or family member why you’re going out at daft o’clock in the morning.

Please read and watch RELATIONSHIPS AND THE NOTTINGHAM ESCORT INDUSTRY for more information on why this is essential.

The last new requirement is an obvious one really, but one that is misconceived by teens.

Midlands Maidens are one of the only escort agencies that require you to give the client a call as an ice-breaker, to discuss your services, and more frequently to ascertain that you are British – paying customers can get really pissed off with no phone call and a Romanian shot-putter turning up that does no services and doesn’t speak a word of English.

The problem with teens and this concept is Pay As You Go ‘burner’ phones that they’re always changing sim-cards on, making it impossible to contact them, as they never remember to tell the agency that they now have a new number.

From January 1st 2022, ALL APPLICANTS wanting a position at Midlands Maidens must have a CONTRACT phone or sim card for ease of contact, and of course for your safety.

Phone Call

The Interview Process:

When you’ve sent us a couple or five photos over, and they’ve all been run through Google Image Search (to make sure that you’ve not stolen them from a lingerie catalogue), if we think that you’ll prove an asset to our team, we’ll invite you down for an interview.

You will be given a mutually acceptable time, place and date where the interview will take place, and for punctuality reasons, you should try and stick to the agreed times.

Your interview will happen in a public place, over a coffee or beer, with a few munchies thrown in for good measure.

We will give you a short presentation on how Midlands Maidens works including our times of operation, your wage scales, and our safety rules, and then throw over the floor to you for any questions that you might have.

You should give yourself 30 minutes to an hour for the full interview plus any questions that you might have.

You might not find out the result of your interview until later, but we will attempt to contact you regarding this within a couple of hours.

This last step will show us how reliable you are in answering phone calls.

In all cases please remember that we will set you up as a self-employed escort with Midlands Maidens, and represent you to the best of our ability.

If you do not answer your phone, or if you’re out on the razzle, and this all proves to be conspicuous by happening on the same days every week, with no warning given that you will not be available, we will need to withdraw our representation from you.

We make no bones about it, that working as a Nottingham Escort with Midlands Maidens can be the most profitable move that you’ll ever make.

However, it is hard work, with many unsociable hours needed to pull in your cash, and we are not suggesting for one moment that this position would suit everyone.

If everything goes to plan, we’ll look forward to welcoming you to our staff list!

Welcome staff, jobs video 2022

That’s about it from this post – we invite you to view the jobs video 2022 again, and we’ll also be placing it on the JOBS page by the time you read this.

Give us a call, or fill in the application form on the JOBS page, or apply by using the WhatsApp form at the bottom of this page, and we’ll hopefully be inviting you to join us!

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