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keeping it in the family

Keeping it in The Family

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Keeping it in The Family

Welcome to our latest Room 101 post, where we’re looking at the fetish this time, of keeping it in the family.

We’re running SEVEN shorter videos this time, all looking at INCEST, which is sexual relations between two (or more) members of the same family.

Before we continue with our presentation, it should be mentioned that we do not support actual incestuous activities in any way, shape or form, as this is gross behaviour, practised by random paedophiles.

There is a demand for this type of content though, and it is usually between two actors, both of legal age, depicting a jailbait daughter and her daddy, or a jailbait son and his mummy.

Further on, ‘incestuous porn’ should not be confused with ‘child porn’, as where child porn is illegal in most parts of the world, incestuous porn, where the parts are played by legal age actors, is NOT illegal, even though it looks a little ‘near the knuckle’ sometimes.

Now that we’ve got that important disclaimer out of the way, we can start concentrating on the video run.

Daddy Daughter Video 1:

In this first video, the daughter finds that she has ran out of mummies allowance money, and needs a sub from her daddy so that she can go out and buy some new clothes.

After going to the shops though, she finds that there’s not enough on the card to get a new pair of designer jeans.

Let’s see if she can persuade daddy to give her his other credit card:

Daddy Daughter Video 2

This one is a little creepier than the other videos, as we have it on good authority that these two actors are related in some way.

Watch closely as ‘daddy’ first gets the girl to pose for him in the garden, and then deflowers her:

Daddy Daughter Video 3:

Our next video shows a tiny teen that has been requested to take a creampie by her fan-base.

Watch as daddy is only too ready to make the delivery for her:

Mummy and Son Video 4:

Mummy is relaxing at home in bed, when her son walks in.

Eager to ‘get it on’ with him but to avoid him cumming inside her – watch how she is eventually disappointed with an un-wanted creampie:

(short clip, and on a loop, so watch as many times as you like!)

Daddy Daughter Video 5:

Daddy and his daughter are fucking away quite merrily, and he promises to pull out and cum on her belly and tits.

Things don’t always go to plan though and pull-outs aren’t always possible.

Watch as another un-wanted creampie hits the back of the net:

Mummy and Son Video 6:

Baby boy is having a wank when mummy walks in, and he is forced to hide it under the blankets.

Watching mummy walk about in a short skirt though, gives him a raging hard-on, and mummy finally notices what he’s doing.

See how mummy cures the raging hard-on by letting baby boy cum in her pussy:

Daddy Daughter Video 7:

This is a cruel trick played on daddy by his daughter.

Snuggling up next to him in bed, she gets really horny, and puts a condom onto daddys knob.

She starts riding him, but then halfway in, pulls off the condom and makes him cum inside her:

We hope that you enjoyed our sometimes creepy, but always hot, ‘keeping it in the family’ post from Room 101.

We’ll look forward to seeing you next time for more fetishy stuff.

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