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Kotomi Asakura

Kotomi Asakura

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Kotomi Asakura

God knows how we found this one, but Miss Kotomi Asakura has found her way onto the Music Box.

We lick you –

We suck you –

We rub you –

Invitation invitation

Yep, we realise that the above lyrics don’t make much sense (maybe that’s partly due to our attempt at translating Japanese) but we don’t really think that matters.

Kotomi Asakura is a fully fledged Japanese porn star that decided one day to make a record.

There were actually two or three records that sounded much the same, but the one we’re concentrating on made her a big star before she went back to taking creampies and swallowing blow-jobs.

Kotomi’s Video Runtime

We’re running THREE videos this time.

  • The first video is the main song, performed by Kotomi and her band in French-maid cum schoolgirl uniforms.
  • The second video is designed as a ‘taster’ for you to find all of her videos on Pornhub.
  • The third video is exactly the same as the first video, but this time with the band performing totally naked.

Only in Japan, eh?

We’ve been singing along with this song for the last three hours, so it certainly passes the old grey whistle test, and that’s how we think you’ll end up too.

Here’s the first video, fully clad (if you presume French maid and schoolgirl uniforms to be fully clad), of Kotomi and her band playing the ‘Hot Spring Trip Song’.

This second video is more raunchy than the rest, as Kotomi is tempting you to watch her on Pornhub – sadly, it’s also the shortest video.

And finally, the third video, which is the same as the first one, with a few changes to clothing.

We hope that you enjoyed our interpretation of Kotomi Asakura’s brief journey into the world of pop music, and we’ll be back soon with some more ideally debauched Music Box posts.

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