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KPop JPop and an EPop

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

KPop JPop and an EPop

We’re going to sample the delights of KPop JPop and an EPop track this time in the Music Box, but what do the abbreviations mean?

The most intricate of these abbreviations is the first one – KPop – which is short for Korean Popular Music, but only in South Korea.

This is NOT to be confused with North Korea, where the most lavish types of dresses for girls comes in the form of a North Korean army uniform.

KPop JPop
Girls in the North Korean Army

In SOUTH Korea, the rules on womens clothing are far more relaxed, however the rules on video censorship are just as strict as those in the North.

As far as we can see, a KPop Girl (or boy) band are just full of routine dance moves, akin to a two hour version of Dirty Dancing with no plot.

Our first video features a KPop girlband called Four Ladies, with a track called ‘Move’, or to be more exact – MV – (포엘) Four Ladies 4L – Move (무브) – which was immediately banned by the South Korean censors.

See if you can work out why this didn’t get past the censors:

We now come to the second of our abbreviations – JPop – which is Japanese Pop and has been around since the 1990’s.

Far more laid back in their style and censorship, we’ve actually featured a JPop band before in the Music box in the Kotomi Asakura post, where it was pointed out that a lot of these performers make the short transition over to soft or hardcore porn due to them performing with little or no clothes at all.

Here’s a video of a JPop band auditioning for the National Idol (Gravure Idol) show, getting their kits off pretty sharpish, then going into the same dance routines as displayed before in the KPop video.

There’s a long portion of really poor un-syncronised lip reading that follows the dancing, but bless them – theyre really trying hard:

So now to the last of our abbreviations – EPop – which just stands for English pop, but performed by an American girl.

The girl in question is Kirsten Dunst, who got a Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of the child vampire in Interview With The Vampire.

All grown up now, we see Kirsten in full anime gear complete with blue wig, performing ‘Turning Japanese‘, a song originally made famous by The Vapours, but the perfect end to our KPop JPop and an EPop post:

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