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Last Weeks Statistics

Last Weeks Statistics

Last Updated on Monday, March 8, 2021 by Midlands Maidens

Last Weeks Statistics

This last weeks statistics news item is more for our benefit than anyone else’s, as we don’t like the last post showing as Friday the 13th – superstition is a big thing here at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts!

So, what’s been going off?

Well, it looks like our ‘404’ page has been very popular, meaning that either we have many fans of the lovely Lola Astanova coming in and perving at her legs, or we have people coming in from Ukrania trying to find hidden files on the website.

Either way, the 404 pages will be your default destination now, so enjoy the music!

The general ‘Escorts‘ pages remain popular, both the full portfolio and the localised ones, and it’s great to see users taking advantage of our ‘mini featurette’ – Hookers Hustlers Pimps and their Johns – which is still showing in its entirety until YouTube deletes it.

Also our news item from yesterday ‘A New Maiden at Long Last‘ is beginning to make an honourable appearance – showing us that people care about our new staff members.

Some of the weirdest searches in last weeks statistics (apart from the blank searches which take you to a cats video) include ‘hardcore amateur homemade teen orgasms’, ‘taboo roleplay’, and a search that we’re presuming was for Angelina – ‘Angolia Eskort’.

The first two search items belong more on Pornhub whilst the last one needs spelling lessons.

A lot of the searches from website viewers can warrant a complete post by themselves, so keep watching for more search terms appearing in the list of our posts.

That’s it for this news item and keep watching for more exciting posts from your favourite Nottingham Escort Agency!

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