Latest Petite Girl

Latest Petite Girl

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Latest Petite Girl

It’s official now as the photos have been sent over, and our latest petite girl is online with a really stunning set of portfolio photos.

For ‘latest petite girl’, please read ‘Lollicon’, but we’ve had to just call her ‘petite’ as a few of the photo networks don’t like us using the term Lollicon, as it suggests child porn.

Here then is the full Secret Diary review of what happened when we met up with Ci-Ci, who immediately caught the attention of many full-grown schoolboys and headmasters 🙂

Applicant – Ci-Ci.

Location – The Gateway.

Interview time – 3pm.

Ci-Ci turned up on time, and immediately caught us with her diminutive petite-ness.

She was/is 4’10” tall, a lovely shade of blonde with blue eyes, dress size 4-6 and has a bust size of 32C.

She has a day-job as a customer service rep, and this really showed as her eye-contact was outstanding and her comments and questions to us were well thought out and perfectly timed.

She is able to offer a full set of services (some at discretion depending how big your knob is obviously), and could throw a really sultry look for at least one of her application photos, and for ALL of her profile page gallery.

Ci-Ci elected to go for a full face shoot, including any tattoos and piercings that she has, and we’re sure that she won’t mind us adding these three application photos.

One of her with purple hair that she did in a fit of madness, and one that is even more sultry than her profile gallery!

Combining everything together, it was a very easy decision to add Ci-Ci as our latest Maiden, and we wish her all the best in her new adventure!

Are YOU as pretty as Ci-Ci and reckon you could hold your own in this highly specialised industry?


Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.

Credit for featured image c/o Pixers


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