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Latina Excellence

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Last Updated on Monday, September 26, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Latina Excellence

We were wondering how to handle a Latina girl at the latest interview, as this was something we’d never come across since we opened back in 2006.

Her statistics also made for poor reading on paper, as the only two girls we’ve ever taken on from this ‘niche’ were a girl named Stephanie, who whilst being an excellent worker looked like an under-age schoolgirl and consequently only received appointments from the ‘really young’ set, and a girl named Ava, who despite having the same build as Stephanie, turned out to be a waste of time blackmailer who didn’t want to meet anyone unless it was to sponge money for nothing.

The similarities in body shape and size will become apparent later in this post, as we move onto our latest interviewee – Nilza from Nottingham.

Interview Location – The Gateway

Interview Time – 7.30pm

Applicant’s Name – Nilza

Nilza was impressive straight out of the box, when she sent a text message to announce that

‘there are a lot of families here and my high-heels might get noticed, will it be ok if I wear sandals instead?’

This showed us that her sense of discretion was paramount, and of course we replied that it would be ok and went to get her a glass of shiraz whilst she was making minor alterations to her appearance.

Walking in calmly, she was immediately looking for who was giving her ‘eye contact’ and found us straight away – another instance of discretion, though we assumed that the glass of shiraz might have had something to do with it this time!

As we started explaining our prices, Nilza seemed extremely unimpressed as she was earning far more in North America, but our agency fees saved the day a little as she couldn’t get a straight answer from the couple of other ‘agencies’ she had applied to.

We put this down to her being a hard-headed business woman before anything else, which would NOT have gone down well with other ‘agencies’!

After explaining that the prices she was looking for would only be available in London, and saying that there was no way we could match those prices, she seemed to relent a little and the conversation was a little calmer and more intimate, as befits a Midlands Maidens interview.

Nilza was impressed with our ‘no rota’ system, and the fact that we weren’t looking for staff members – we were looking for someone that we could represent.

She immediately came up with a few advertising methods that we had never even considered, and her Latina business brain came up trumps again!

Obviously we find a girl with a brain far more erotic than a girl with no sense at all, but for those of you that were wanting to see the vital statistics, here we go:

  • Nilza is a 28 years old 5’3″ tall Latina girl, very fair skinned, and is perfectly toned due to her visiting the gym a lot.
  • She has long blonde hair with brown eyes, and is a dress size 4 with a 34D bust size that has been slightly enhanced.
  • Nilza also has an arty tattoo on her left arm, which we had no problems with.

We should also add that Nilza gives plenty of eye contact, and is very tactile – a couple of very important qualities that will make any future client feel at ease.

The fact that the interview went on for over two hours should indicate that we were very impressed with Nilza, and she was offered the position immediately.

Our first Latina Maiden can be found now on her own portfolio page,

With that, we’d like to welcome Nilza to Midlands Maidens and if you’d like to feel as special as she made us feel, call us now on 07983-910-208 to book your own Maidens Experience with Nilza!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the Secret Diary team.


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