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Lead Video

Lead Video

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Lead Video

You’ve probably noticed by now, that we are using a lead video to promote our website. Here’s the tools we used to create it:

First off, we needed to compose the video, and this was done via our go-to video creator at Lumen5.

Devilishly simple to use, we’d completed the video background in around five minutes, and all that was needed was to re-arrange the content into a nice flowing order.

Then came the intro bit – the part that says ‘we’ve been expecting you’.

For this effect, we used a piece of software that we’ve been playing around with for a while now, called PLACEIT, which adds movie-type intro’s to your videos.

This was really easy to use too, and it took around twenty minutes to get our movie slides arranged and ready for publication.

These two pieces of content were then spliced together using Lumen5, and it was starting to look good!

The soundtrack might not have seemed too important, as on the website there is no sound.

We weren’t satisfied with that option though, so we added a track that fused everything together – Good and Evil – from GFR, which just grinds along at the same speed as you’d be shagging one of our girls :)

Then came the tricky bit:

Uploading the video to YouTube was not a problem, however adding a custom soundtrack was a huge inconvenience, as YouTube try to force you to use their own music library.

After around an hour on Google search, we found a cool website called CLIDEO that lets you upload videos and add your own soundtracks, then export the whole lot and upload it to YouTube.

The Embed:

Now that our video was ready, we needed to work out how it would be shown on our website.

Examining our page builder software, we noticed that there was an option to add a video to the head row, so we tried it out on a test page and saw that it looked really cool!

So now the embed was complete for PCs and tablets, but for those of you using a mobile phone there is a ‘fallback image’, as mobiles do not show auto-playing videos.

The final composition:

Here then for ALL users, is the final composition of our lead video.

This may well be edited at some point, as we’re not happy with the way that the music just stops at the end, or with the Lumen5 outro, but here is the lead video complete with soundtrack that appears at the top of the website for PC and tablet users:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this techie tutorial on lead videos, and we hope that you enjoy the creation even more!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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