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Link Chains

Link Chains

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Link Chains

We’re going to be busy adding ‘Link Chains’ to most of our posts and pages in the coming weeks, so you can see where you’re going to end up.

So what exactly are ‘Link Chains’?

The most obvious example of link chains can be found in any example account on Google Analytics (note that we’re not adding our own Google Analytics account into a link chain), and put quite simply is just an External Link showing where you’re being taken to, as in this image:

Link Chaining example

But surely that’s just an external link?

It is, yes – but the Google Analytics type external link is something that we’ve been looking at adding for ages now, purely as an ‘attraction’ so that you can see the link where we’re sending you over to, and then decide whether it’s worth opening in full screen.

A word of warning – the external link will still open in full screen on a mobile device, but that’s purely due to the added scrollbars and the height and width dimensions that we’ve gone with, but ‘clicking back’ on a mobile device will now work even faster.

Yes, but why do you insist on calling it a ‘Link Chain’?

Ahh, that’s so that we can publish a girl tied up in chains as the featured image.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our quest for the perfect external link which has now been going on for over two years.

We’ve tried popup builders, form builders, and links that appear in popup builders, but all of these fell rather flat compared to the simple yet fiddly software that we’ve finally gone for, which even allows you to publish items from Google Maps inside its simple external links structure.

As mentioned earlier, we’ve just started adding this software to our posts and pages and can be seen working on our AREAS page, on the bottom menu of our HOMEPAGE, and in the MALE OWNERS and the MIDLANDS MAIDENS vs ADULTWORK and VIVASTREET posts, to name but a few. (Note that the majority of these links are INTERNAL links, but any link with an external link icon will take you away from the website.

Have fun with that lot, and we’ll look forward to seeing you next time!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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