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local image scams

Local Image Scams

Image Scams
1. Image Scams pt2
2. Local Image Scams
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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Latest Local Image Scams

This post was accidental, as going through the interviewees with ‘Image Search’, Louise found many local image scams that people are still falling for.

Well we say ‘many’, but the vast majority – if not all of them – came from the ‘agency’ with no morals – VIP Callgirls – and the fake images were mounting up so much that we told Louise to just draw a line under those girls that were advertised as ‘working’ this morning – otherwise she’d have ended up writing War and Peace pt 2.

All of the following images were found using Google Image Search on Monday 4th March 2020, and comparisons are posted side-by side to let you decide if they are fakes.

With that, we’ll pass you over to Lou-Lou, who has been given carte blanche to post her mini novel!


First off we’ll start with Feline who only had two discrepencies that I found in ‘Nina’ and ‘Carla’.

Could be quite innocent actually and the fault of their photographer posting modelling portfolios online instead of keeping them private, but here goes.

These girls were also found on Avocado Photography in Nottingham which makes us think that either Feline are at fault or Avacado are at fault for publishing private portfolio images with no facial blurs.

As its a Nottingham photographer though we’ll give Feline the benefit of the doubt and presume its the photographers fault.

**Edit and Retraction from Steve:

We’ve just received a few messages from Avocado Photography, saying that Feline had stolen the above two images of Nina and Carla, and they had a DCMA takedown issued by Google, to remove the images forthwith.

Avocado are in fact a family photography business from Nottingham, who just happened to post a few of their boudoir shots online, when they were stolen by Feline and used as photographs of ‘their girls’.

We therefore must assume, that Feline are just as bad as VIP Callgirls for faking and stealing images, and one further lesson that they should take note of, is ‘don’t shit on your own doorstep‘.

No such doubt with this next lot though and this was just the girls that were working last night/this morning at VIP Callgirls.

The first girl on the list ‘Amira’ had got fake photographs published but we couldnt get onto the website as it was blocked by our antivirus.

Typical porn site fodder though (Steve says :) ) so we wont publish that one so it doesn’t mess your computer up.

The next girl ‘Angel’ LOOKS ok until you do a check on the background, which is of the ‘Ritz-Carlton’ at Boston Massachusets. Now if it’s a fake background you’ve got to ask your self is that the only thing thats fake about this picture?

Next we’ve got ‘Ava English’ who is anything but english.

At least one of her photos is from The Amazon Lingerie catalogue as seen below.

Next we’ve got ‘Karina’ who is in fact Milana, a Russian/Hebrew girl from the Diamonds Club in India, and so her out of town rates might be excessive?

Next we’ve got ‘Lilith’ from VIP who also goes under some unpronounceble Russian name, but it looks a little like ‘Tanya’ from Intim Kiev website.

And finally from those girls working this morning at VIP we have ‘Megan’ who is in fact ‘Otillia’ from some balkan state using a wix website but we couldnt get the image downloaded. Its a bit obvious its her though if you visit the wix website.

Above images remixed and formatted by Steve:


We’d like to thank Lou-Lou for her stirring work on finding these local image scams images > fake girls > and hope that this post will prevent VIP Call girls from fleecing you.

We’ve said a few times on here that blokes only think with their knobs, and we hope that we’ve saved you a few quid!

We look forward to see who does the most scrambling about once this post gets published!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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