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Lockdown Returns

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Lockdown Returns

Another un-needed lockdown returns this week (Thursday), as the UK Government try their best to make it a ‘No-Nut-November‘ for everyone.

That won’t apply to regular clients of Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts though, as they are quite happily ‘taking the plunge’ (sic) with girls in their sex bubble.

The sex bubble was introduced a few weeks ago to avoid such an instance recurring, and lets REGULAR clients see our girls provided that they can be included in their ‘home bubble’.

By ‘regular’, we mean any client who has met with one of our girls since the first lockdown ended (the March to June one), when some semblance of normality came back to the UK.

We’re getting a lot of clients ringing up now, most of whom are sympathetic with our views but not able to arrange a booking as they had not used us in the ‘June to October window of opportunity’.

Just one of these said that ‘we were a waste of time then’, meaning that he will now need to hump his fist.

Lots of new clients are coming through too, but they are also seeming to understand our views, and they all get told to call us back at a later date when the lockdown is over.

The Latest Rules for the Sex Bubble:

  • To join in with our girls’ sex bubble, you must:
  • Have made an appointment to see one of our girls in the last six months.
  • Still be healthy and have no symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Let us know which name you used, and where you met the girl the last time you arranged an appointment.
  • Only apply to see the girl that you met before who will have you in her sex bubble.

Obviously the multiple guy and couple jobs will need to be kept on the back-burner for now, at least until December, or posssibly until next year, when the Government realise that nothing seems to be working and a lockdown will not cure a virus.

The Lead Image:

…for this post comes from a website called

Some sexy amateur women taking pictures of themselves and posing for their friends. Girls mainly indoors and having fun flashing a bit of skin to full on being nude and bare for the world to see. Most of these pics are taken in the privacy of their homes or in friend’s places.

Well who are we to argue with that in No Nut November, so to get you on the edge a little more, we’ll add an extended Totty Gallery to see who ends up spunking all over them:

Thats it for this post, and if you wanted to admit spunking all over one (or more) of the girls and milfs in our Totty Gallery, please feel free to mention it in our SUGGESTIONS PAGE.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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