lollicon girls

Lollicon Girls

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Lollicon Girls

There is nothing so rare as a genuine lollicon girl, and Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts are proud to say we’ve now got a lollicon girl on our books.

This all came about from an interview last week, so we’ll start with the basic facts:

Interview 1

Location – The Southbank

Interview time – 2 pm

Applicant – Caroline

Caroline turned up on time and even offered to get the drinks in, but we’d already got one so it was a cheap round for her 🙂

She was a 30-year-old English girl, brunette, dress size 10, 5’6″ tall, and had a nice line in chat.

A really nice interview with Caroline, plenty of eye contact, and asking a couple of pertinent questions regarding the industry and how we worked it in general.

We told her that the result of the interview could not be told until later, which she seemed quite happy with, and we both nipped out for a vape.

She was quite happy to hang around for a while until the next applicant turned up, which gave her a gold star in our books!

Later on, we called Caroline to offer her a position at Midlands Maidens, which she eagerly accepted – however we’ve heard nothing from her since regarding photos, so we must assume that she’d got cold feet.

Interview 2

Location – The Southbank

Interview time – 3 pm

Applicant – Leela

As mentioned earlier, Caroline was hanging around until the next applicant showed up, and both our jaws dropped when Leela walked in – I say ‘walked’, but it looked like she was coming in on all-fours, she was that tiny!

She made herself known to us, and Caroline decided to say goodbye and leave us to it.

Leela was from America.

Even though the language is TECHNICALLY the same, there were a few strange moments – asking what she’d like to drink, she replied “anything that has wheat in it”, so we went and got her some strange drink that was at the end of the bar pumps, which she loved!

Leela is just 4’10” tall, a fair skinned yet black brunette/black haired girl, 20 years old, and a dress size 0 – or a size 4 in UK-speak.

She confessed to being a lollicon girl, and when we asked what that was exactly, she said it derives from a person or client who likes women that look younger but are of legal age.

Leela actually turned out to be very knowledgeable and informed on most things, probably drawing from the fact that she is a successful model that now wants to satisfy her kinks in the escorting industry.

We were only too happy to help her out in this last respect, and she was offered the position on the spot, which is something that we very rarely do!

Again we ended up waiting for Leela’s photos coming through, but this morning our patience was justified as she sent a full list of photos (with more to come she says) from her latest modelling shoot, and she is available from now!

As a brief taster of Leela, here are a couple of photos that were taken on a local park, that were submitted with her initial application:

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