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Magic Moments from a Google Search

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Magic Moments from a Google Search

We were messing around with Google searches last night when we came across a couple of magic moments.

Going over to, we found one of our press releases to them regarding ‘Midlands Maidens Offers Tips for New Escorts’, together with a link to one of our old blog posts that have been recycled. We really must post an update!

What caught our eye even more than that though, was a website that had been parked, and was being investigated by Homeland Security, for posting naked photos and videos of service members and their partners wearing military uniforms.

The following story is curated from, a site that for years offered nude photos and videos of female servicemembers, has been shut down by its operators as the site’s legal counsel reviews its content.

Source: Shuts Down as Operator Seeks Legal Analysis –


All looks very final then?

No, not really, as Hot Military Girls ALSO have a channel on XVideos, where we managed to grab the following short video from – and just in case Homeland Security find out, make sure you watch it NOW:

A real magic moment therefrom two of the Hot Military Girls!

As far as we’re concerned, no locations were given away and the girls might not even have been in the military. Even if they WERE in the military, it’s a poor show when they’re not allowed to post entertaining photos and videos from their everyday life.

It comes under the same jumped up charges like those in the UK where ‘Soldier X’ is being wrongly persecuted for having a group photo taken with Tommy Robinson.

We hope that the US and the UK military finally come to their senses over these issues, and drop both charges like a tub of hot bricks so that our magic moments are not denied!

This post was curated from XBIZ. Other content added from Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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