Maidenette 6 is Blown Out

Maidenette 6 is Blown Out

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Maidenette 6 is Blown Out

For someone that showed so much initial promise, it was rather spectacular how bad the interview with ‘Maidenette 6’ turned out.

First, the initial phone conversation:

Following a two day hiatus that made us think that the girl had disappeared, ‘Zara‘ contacted us by phone on Wednesday morning.

She made many many many points (it was quite hard to get a word in edgeways), all of which were documented at our end.

  1. She had previously worked for an agency in Peterborough that set her up with incall premises.
  2. She had worked for one job with VIP Callgirls.
  3. She had worked for one job with Chicababes (same owner as VIP Callgirls).
  4. She is now looking for an agency that is not as dodgy as the above two establishments.
  5. She needs money desperately as her bills are beginning to mount up.

The reasons that we decided to interview Zara were the photos and a couple of videos that she sent over following the initial phone call but these were not to be published under any circumstances.

Remember the above points as we now go onto the interview itself:

The Interview Session:

Location – Cinderhill Island.

Interviewee – ‘Zara’.

Interview time – 1pm.

Interview partner – Christine.

Zara was a mixed-race black girl, size 8-10, aged 40.

It was really nice to meet up with Christine again, who popped up out of nowhere to be the interview partner.

This seemed to upset Zara who now realised that she was outnumbered, but it is Midlands Maidens’s policy to try and get an interview partner as some things just get explained better by one girl to another girl.

Zara continued to rattle on about herself, not pausing to listen to our presentation (except for the prices and fees bit) which led to a multitude of Freudian slips according to the notes that we had taken yesterday morning.

‘Oh yes, when I was working at the Leeds incall’ (she had originally stated that it was in Peterborough)

‘Oh, I thought you said it was in Peterborough?’

Ignored in favour of more rattling.

On the agencies statements:

‘Yes I went to the agencies (VIP) incall but there was arguing outside which upset the client. So she offered me an overnighter with a regular client the next night but then the owner joined us’.

Christine: ‘Oh I thought you said that you left after the first job?’

Ignored in favour of trying to mask her lies.

On her earning potential:

‘(One of the above two agencies) say that they’ll get me incall premises in Lincoln – or Derby – I forget which location they mentioned’.

This statement was ignored as we were both getting bored by now.

Finally came the stunner, which also shut her up immediately:

On asking our estimate of how much work she’d get:

‘We’re not going to pull the wool over your eyes, but our clients tend to prefer English white girls’ so your availability is really important.

Which is entirely true.

On a normal phone call from a client, he will ask:

  1. Is she English?
  2. Is she a busty blonde?
  3. Is she a busty brunette?
  4. Is she blonde?
  5. Is she brunette?

…and then right at the bottom of the list comes…

  • Have you got a black girl?

In fact, less than 10% of our clients would see a black girl unless no others were available, and the majority of that 10% actually say ‘I’ll call back later’.

This seemed to upset Zara, probably because she was used to working for agencies that use fake images, and she wouldn’t get any appointments for going out as a busty blonde at Midlands Maidens.

So her final response was to play the Race Card and went even further to say that we were ‘stuck up’ before storming off.

There is no way that either Christine or myself are racist, and even less are we ‘stuck up’ – we both prefer to give an honest appraisal of the agency and its earning potential in a business-like manner. The only racist person at this interview was Zara herself for even bringing race into it, and let’s face it – she was the one that bought it up.

Yet again the interview provided valuable insights into maidenette 6 (Zara) and we had no problems watching as she stormed off, safe in the knowledge that the race card would not be pulled on any of our clients.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.

IF YOU wanted to join Midlands Maidens, and you’re not racist and you don’t mind being interviewed by the ‘stuck up’ management, then visit the JOBS PAGE for an application form, or apply by clicking on the WhatsApp logo at the bottom of the page.


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