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Maidenette Lucky 7

Maidenette Lucky 7

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

Maidenette Lucky 7

It’s about time that something went our way with the agency staffing, and with that in mind, we’ll introduce you to Maidenette Lucky 7!

We’ve had some dreadful applicants lately, both in the looks and in the standards departments.

We’ve had chavs, poor timekeepers, and girls that NEED a facial blur, or maybe a bag on their heads, or even a full-body bag before meeting clients, so expect a few delights on the independent circuit or with other agencies before long.

The girl that we’re about to introduce to you though outweighs ALL of those disappointments and was well worth hanging on for.

Interview Location: The Gateway.

Interview Time: 8.30 pm.

Interviewee: Jessica.

Jessica turned up five minutes ahead of time, and accepted a glass of wine but respectfully declined the ‘munchies’ offer.

She was 5’4″ tall, a blonde with hazel eyes, dress size 8-10, bust size 36C, and really graceful in her mannerisms.

Nothing like her predecessors from above, then.

Jessica had already mentioned that she only wanted to come into the industry part-time, as she has a job that she loves, but she wanted to occasionally be kinky and round it off by getting paid for it, instead of going into the Headstocks in Bulwell to flash at drunken nob-heads for free.

We had no objections to this, and she also bought OWO, bi-sexuality and some roleplay to the table.

We formally offered Jessica a position at Midlands Maidens, which she accepted.

So now to the acid test:

We were so used to new girls letting us down that in the back of our minds, we thought that Jessica would do the same.

We’d informed a few regular clients that a new girl was available, and the next night a booking request came in.

Waiting for Jessica’s voicemail to kick in, or her phone to be turned off, instead of that we were greeted with ‘Hello Steve, what can I do for you!’

Since that moment, she has had many successful appointments, ALL made with no advertising.

Maidenette Lucky 7 – Jessica – is now live on the website to grant her her wish of being kinky and getting paid for it!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.

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