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Male Enhancement and Pill Popping – Why it’s a Big No-No

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Male Enhancement and Pill Popping – Why it’s a Big No-No

Male enhancement and pill-popping -shock horror, what’s this? A naked bloke featuring on a Midlands Maidens news item?

Don’t worry, the girls with arses will be back next time, but we felt that we needed to address a couple of issues that are regularly coming up with bookings made at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts.

Firstly, the issue of Coke and Weed that is arising previously to many appointment requests.

‘Oh well, this agency and that agency can supply it’ say the ‘clients’ that are trying to push for more. Well, in that case, we would suggest going to ‘this agency’ or ‘that agency’ as we do not do drug running.

And if you’re prepared to wait up to three hours for the girl who will turn up with coke laced with baking soda, or PAY for three hours with the girl whilst she’s waiting for the runner to turn up, then you’ve got more money than sense.

The only thing LESS reliable than a dodgy escort is her drug runner!

Anyway, onto the next item – the request to supply male enhancement pills in the form of Viagra.

We get many requests for this, but we HAVE to say no, purely because Viagra is a prescription drug.

There are alternatives to this though, as many internet sites will supply it to you provided that you pay for an online prescription, or if you simply sign a declaration that you have no heart problems.

Following the instructions from a very useful male enhancement blog at PHARMATHEKE-EUROPE should set you on the right road, and some of the companies that supply medications are:

Doctor Fox

Direct Kamagra UK


The request to supply Viagra or any of its generic alternatives is particularly daft as it can take around an hour to take effect, meaning that the girl will be putting her clogs and knickers back on and getting ready to go by the time your hard-on arrives – meaning that you need to book a second hour or solace yourself with a wank.

Far better to employ a little ‘forward-thinking’ and have your pills at hand for immediate use!

This has been a Midlands Maidens public service announcement and the girls with arses will be back next time!


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