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Male Owners – Why Are They Better?

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Last Updated on Sunday, February 18, 2024

Male Owners – Why Are They Better?

You’ll have noticed by now that we’ve changed one of our taglines on the homepage to represent ‘male owners’. Why is that?

For those girls that have been fortunate enough to work for us in the past (those that haven’t fallen under our sacking process that is), the answer is simply that even though you would have THOUGHT that running an escort agency would be better suited to a woman, invariably they are NOT the best-qualified people for the job.

Man (or woman) management in our experience is better suited to a MANager.

A couple of anecdotes now to prove our way of thinking:

Up until New Year’s Day 2021, Feline Escorts (female owners) were our main opponents.

They seemed obsessed with sending out ‘client spies’ though, with at least three of these getting banned from using Midlands Maidens once we found out what they were up to.

Feline was forced to close on New Year’s Day 2021 due to them using fake images that they had stolen from a local Nottingham photographer who then pursued a DMCA Takedown to remove their images.

Interviews at Feline seemed rather laughable to us, as rather than discussing the job at hand, they would often turn into a mini-abuse session, where the girl’s nails would come under scrutiny and most of the girls needed to lose a couple of pounds, then pop back for the ‘real’ interview.

Our main opponents when we started out back in 2006 were ABC Escorts, (female owners) who again had a strange method for interviewing new girls.

After a brief introductory chat, the girl was then given a pen and an A4 sheet of paper, on which were printed multiple-choice options (yes/no/maybe) regarding the services provided by the girl to the client.

The interviews were held at the owner’s home residence, where details of the incall premises were also given out.

This left them wide open to any future ‘gangsta’ operations as explained in this old Real Punting forum post that we managed to find.

VIP Callgirls (female owner) (also Valentines, Bohemia, Call Girls Confidential, Golden Girls, Chicbabes) needed to change their working name more often than a guy with diarrhoea needed to change his boxers due to their abysmal customer service to both clients and working girls.

The owner (Janine, Nadine, Ava Smith, Janine’s daughter, Janine’s son, and her gangsta partner) also needed to change their names regularly, but this did not stop the police from arresting her for Romanian trafficking.

Their website is down at the moment Check here due to them not paying their hosting fees as Janine has not been able to collect her benefits yet.

For anyone wondering who the agency mentioned by ‘Coventry Punter’ was in the forum post above, indeed it was VIP Callgirls.

We’ve also had complaints coming in about Chicbabes (same phone number as VIP) that girls have been ordered and deposits paid, then they just turn off the phones, stealing the client’s money.

Every time we suggest calling the police about them, so hopefully it won’t be too long before the owner is banged up for good.

Regarding the interviews, there were none, VIP Callgirls preferring instead to stalk Facebook and lingerie catalogues to promote their trafficked Romanians.

If you were thinking of coming into this industry, we would suggest an agency run by male owners every time.

Occasionally we’ll put one of the girls onto the phones, but with us only having a couple of girls working at present, you can guarantee that within an hour or two, they’ll be going out on a booking.

Male owners, whilst appreciating working alongside beautiful girls all day, can also take advantage of a girl’s feminine intuition when it comes to accepting or declining bookings, and whether the client should be charged a deposit or not.

This has saved us lots of hassle over the years, and as far as Midlands Maidens are concerned, feminine intuition rules the roost on appointments.

Our interview sessions are completely different from the agencies above, where we will NOT go into a mini-abuse session (unless it’s initiated by the interviewee), nor will we pull out a sheet of multiple-choice A4 to find out more about your services.

We prefer to call our sessions PRESENTATIONS where you first take in what it’s all about, and then the floor is thrown over to you to ask any questions you might have.

Dodge all of the unprofessional and ‘gangsta’ agencies and choose Midlands Maidens with its male owners, and make your new career as lucrative as it should be!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS and SECRET DIARY teams.


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