March Schedule 2021

March Schedule 2021

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

March Schedule 2021

The big news in our March schedule 2021 update is the new application form on our JOBS page, allowing for easier applications.

We’ve removed the multi-paged application form format, in favour of using a form that is powered by ‘conditional logic‘ that is MUCH shorter than before, and is probably the reason why we were getting so many phone applicants rather than using the default application form.

This new application form works out who is applying from step one, and applies logical steps to help you fill out the form correctly.

It was solidly tested out yesterday (Friday) and we must admit that from line one up to the end of the form, it can be filled in within two minutes, and send an auto-response over to the applicant to confirm that we have their messages.

Check it out on the ESCORT JOBS page!


We have always said that we do not accept photos with SnapChat filters added, so what does Lou-Lou do in the office on Wednesday night?

Lou-Lou decided to set up a Midlands Maidens SnapChat account with her face and Steve’s hair to wind Steve up.

So far it seems that SnapChat is populated by idiots (as we already knew), but for anyone that wanted to join us, here’s the ‘Snap Code’:

Midlands Maidens SnapChat

So by adding the Snap Code, we can now officially ignore you just as much as those who try to send WhatsApp messages.

The SoapGirls Post

We had a bit of a fall-out with the SoapGirls last Sunday, purely because it was requested from our YouTube channel users that they wanted to see the Facebook posts that they had posted, but on YouTube.

After a major hissy-fit, we removed their videos on Sunday morning, and full details can be found on our SUGGESTIONS PAGE as we didn’t think that it merited a full post to cover it.

One thing we will add though, is this short video from one of our clients, who summed their attitude up perfectly:

We hope that you will have fun with our new Escort Jobs form and the Snap Code, and we’ll see you next time!

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