Maryjane Auryn

Maryjane Auryn

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Maryjane Auryn

We’re featuring a superb self-shot smartphone video this time on Room 101 featuring multiple orgasms suffering Maryjane Auryn.

Maryjane is a really petite girl with curly blonde hair and looking at most 18 years old.

It has passed though, that Maryjane Auryn had a bit of a row with the likes of Pornhub and a few other video sharing websites, leading her to take down the majority of her videos, leaving just a few that dropped through the net.

It also passed that she split up with her boyfriend, the largely unseen co-star in her videos, but more fool him, as a girl this special should be held on tight to!

On to the video then, which due to the majority having been removed as mentioned above, we’ve had to use an iframe to embed it, meaning that you can scroll down and see all of the page if you so wished.

This is nowhere near as long as the other Room 101 videos, but the content in it is as mesmerising as anything you will have seen before, also explaining why this video is ‘stand-alone’ as nothing could compare to it.

We join Maryjane, as she is tied up tightly, with a Hitachi Wand pushed firmly into her crotch.

A few ‘tit slaps’ later, we see her face going red through forced orgasms and a long squirt stream coming from her pussy.

She is then allowed to collapse on the floor, Hitachi Wand still in place, to end her marathon forced orgasm session.

Any guy not cumming in bucket-loads whilst watching this video must be a hermaphrodite monk, so without any further ado, here’s Maryjane Auryn performing for you!


With many videos having been removed from porn-sites, Shooshtime (the provider of the Maryjane video) have a different problem in that their videos only play for around 40 seconds.

We will leave the original video online in the hope that they will fix it soon.

*Edit* It’s fixed and re-hosted now – enjoy!

MEANWHILE: we have a new Maryjane Auryn video for you to get your rocks off to.

In this latest showing, again shot from a mobile phone and in the early days of her career, we see Maryjane getting screwed, then getting finger-fucked, then getting screwed again to a finish, all the time having multiple orgasms, leaving her in a sloppy mess by the end of the video.


…and the original video that is now self-hosted:


Wow, jaw dropping that, weren’t it?

Anyway, we’ll just get on with cleaning up our keyboard 🙂 and we’ll see you for more fetishy stuff next time in Room 101.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.


Lead Image from Taringa.Net


Video from Shooshtime.

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